I Needed a Mother, not a Geeper

For several days my arms were red and quite itchy. In all fairness, David did comment on them and asked if he should find some lotion for me. I slapped some aloe gel on the irritated spots and tried to ignore them. It was at church that a mother-like comment was made by a person who grew up in Brooklyn, of all places. Neil asked, “Is that poison ivy?”

Bingo! Why didn’t I think of that? I know why. Beth pointed out several poison ivy plants, and I stayed far away from them. There must have been others that I didn’t see. The internet suggested making a paste of equal parts baking soda and water to apply to the affected areas. My arms now look like a clown face with stark white makeup. Whether white or red, my arms could be the laughing stock of any gathering. Thank you, Mother Neil, for a correct diagnosis.

I didn’t take a photo of David while we ate lunch, so I got down on the floor for a selfie as he half-reclined in a chair.

David with Goofy Gran Goon

46 thoughts on “I Needed a Mother, not a Geeper

    1. I’ll bet diligent daughter Lise checked all our medications and threw out older ones. Surely there was calamine lotion in the lot. Old or not, I would have used it. I’m applying baking soda when I get itchy. Not sure it helps, but I get busy and forget about the itching.

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  1. Ughhh I HATE poison ivy. The itch is absolutely awful. Praying hard for you. There’s a plant named Jewel that you can grow which is a fast poison ivy remedy. My husband and I blend the leaves into a paste and store it in the freezer.


  2. A cool compress for about 15 minutes to the itchiest area may help relieve some of the itching. It gave me a little relief when I battled some on my lower arms about two years ago. The good news is … the rash is not here to stay and will go away! 😊


  3. Here’s some advice from a poison-ivy expert…me. I have had it to various stages most of my life. The best thing to do is wash off the residue from the plant immediately with strong soap and water. Once a rash that is more than a bit of an annoyance appears, go to the doctor…or ask a pharmacist who has had poison ivy themself. Some people are allergic to it and need professional medical care. My oldest son when he was about 16 reported frantically that he had poison ivy “everywhere.” We got him in to the family doctor, who started him on medical treatment including some kind of shot.
    I will not give specific “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” tactics for fear of wrath from the medics.
    Burt’s Bees makes a great poison ivy soap. IF it itches don’t scratch it… but if you do… rinse the poison (from the little postules or blisters) off with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide helps greatly.
    The good news: whatever one does or doesn’t do, the poison ivy infection clears up in 10 days.


      1. The worst case of poison ivy I ever had was when my oldest daughter was about a year old. My arms and legs were covered, and very painful. I was so afraid the baby would get it, but she didn’t, or at least she just had maybe five postules on her stomach.

        My late husband never got poison ivy, which is remarkable in that he farmed at least eight acres and the toxic weed is rampant. Had he known that he was apparently immune he could have pulled it out. The maple trees along the road have it, but they are in the right-of-way, so the city will have to handle it if and when necessary.

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  4. If you want to clear up your poison ivy, buy some Tecnu. It is amazing. It removes the oils that cause the itching and clears up the rash. We had to buy some for Bruce earlier this summer.


      1. I do remember calamine lotion through the years, though I’ve never gotten poison ivy, probably just bad mosquito bites. That stuff dries and it’s difficult to scrub off unless they have changed the formula.


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