Daughter Kate!

Daughter Kate is here for a week, and we are having a blast. She drove from New Jersey to our house in 14.5 hours. How she does it in one day, I’ll never know! The following day she drove us to church in Asheville, and we went out to eat at Fatz.

On David’s day off, we had a fast food picnic at the creek near the Rec Center. For a short while, they were engrossed in watching some people playing disc golf. This is the course that David has played several times with his Uncle John.

After shopping at Walmart, I took a photo of Kate and David in the parking lot. I never tire of seeing mountains in the background when doing mundane things.

On Day Three, Kate and I walked to the creek. We were impressed with the heavy fog or mist in the valley.

After taking the required shot of us at the creek, I showed Kate taking a video of the creek.

Kate spotted a little monster with a spider web that made us laugh.

Kate ended the day picking up limbs that had fallen from the old oak tree and beginning a catalog of our CD’s. She logged fifty disks, a mere drop in the bucket of all that are here. I think my job is to stay alive until she has finished that chore.

42 thoughts on “Daughter Kate!

  1. So you happy to daughter Kate came . Very nice sharing it’s. Beautiful all photos. We have lot of CD boxes, what does do them. Beautiful taking creek video what little monster with a spider web shoot. I like .


  2. How lovely that Kate can be with you especially on JC’s birthday. You are much in our thoughts and prayers. please send our love to Kate and David. i am so glad that they are with you God bless you all!


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  3. Anne, you look so beautiful in the photographs. What a nice time you are having with Kate. I keep all my CD’s in a bureau drawer, so many that I had to alphabetize them to be able to find what I want. I have quite an eclectic collection. Everything from gospel to bluegrass to a bit of rock and roll…my collection is like my pursuits, all over the place.


  4. If you are going to stay alive until she finishes, I hope she never completes the task. Great seeing you all having so much fun together ❤


  5. Lovely to see you enjoying time with your daughter and family. Beautiful photos of the mountains and creek. My daughters live 15 minutes and 1 hour away respectively. I’m often popping over to help the youngest daughter as she has a little baby. I love joining in with bathtime and bedtime. All the best. Karen


  6. How nice to have a week-long visit from Kate. I liked your picnic area with the view. It’s so peaceful. It is amazing to me that Kate could make that long of a journey at one time – you had written in the past that she did the trip non-stop. I’d be nodding off at the wheel for sure. Just sign me “Little Old Lady from Pasadena”.


      1. Same here Anne. I could not drive all those miles, especially by myself now or year ago; I’d be a nervous wreck when we drove to my grandmother’s house and that with my mom beside me – the last 1/2 hour were three expressway lane changes after 200 miles of just the boring 401 Highway. I don’t even drive the expressway now – everyone goes too fast and we have freeway shooters galore (five a month) – it’s just crazy.


          1. My handyman had to retire this year for the same reason – his son-in-law has taken over. He could no longer climb on roofs and will drive, but only on side streets now and sparingly. He is younger than me, 60 I believe.


  7. I honestly need a “Kate” here to help categorize my vinyl plus CDs, too! Sigh. I do have a daughter but I doubt she’d be into doing it, especially since she recently moved and had to go through all her own stuff. Glad for you, for the lovely visit – the fun *and* the help!


        1. I found it is suddenly easy to talk about my death! I won’t be nursing John through a final illness, because he skipped that bit. It’s up to me to stay as healthy as possible to spare the next generations from having to nurse me. The only thing left to do is enjoy the days I have left and help others whenever possible.

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          1. I understand, Anne. I read a wonderful piece the other day about dying and grief; I can’t find it now, very frustrating. The part of it that struck me was a quote from the book, “Tuesdays With Morrie” – and basically it said that the person who has passed is still present in our heart and mind, in lovely memories that will always be with us. I wish I could recall it exactly, but you get what’s intended here, anyway. (It reminds me of the writer who published a memoir that spoke ill of some of her relatives. When chastized, she said, “If they wanted to be written about more positively, they should have behaved better.” In other words, we reap what we sow.

            Staying healthy isn’t always a something we have total control over, but it’s a good goal!

            I wish you good health and, as we Jewish folks say, you should “live ’til a hundred and twenty”! 😀


  8. I missed this as I was travelling. But I love the pictures of Kate’s visit. She has the same smile as you. I don’t think I could drive that far in one day!


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