Nice Nieces

All of my nieces are much more than nice. They are fantastic, but I liked the sound of the title. The ones I’m writing about today are two of the North Carolina nieces. Kathie and Julie dropped by to see me on their way home from “leaf peeping”. Leaf peepers are what you call people who travel to see fall foliage in the mountains. Julie took a selfie of us enjoying ourselves.

I checked the mirror to make sure I didn’t really have a double eyebrow.

We didn’t have much time, so we talked a mile a minute. It was a given that the scenery was gorgeous. I enjoyed hearing Julie exclaim over the lazy river they saw. (A lazy river is a manmade loop pool with a current just strong enough to move a tube or raft along.) Although the temperature was almost at the freezing point, people were outside enjoying the warm water and a nearby hot tub.

I wanted to know what was new in Kathie’s life, and I enjoyed her reply. It is absolutely fantastic to be a teacher, now that COVID restrictions have been lifted. She said, “We can see the students’ faces again! I told them before that the only thing we could read about their reactions were their eyebrows.”

I had read that communication was severely hampered by mask-wearing, and there was the proof from a hands-on (eyes-on) teacher.

An aside to daughter Lise: Kathie and Julie said they were very impressed at how very neat David and I have kept the house after you left.

A further comment to neighbors: Julie and Kathie exclaimed, “Wow! Look at this garage!! We have never seen it so good!”

34 thoughts on “Nice Nieces

  1. Thank you for taking the time to explain words, such as “leaf peepers” and “lazy river” to a reader like me who is not familiar with the terms. I appreciate it so much and I enjoyed reading it.❤️ have a great day.
    You have wonderful nieces. 🌷

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  2. What a beautiful explain the words, such as leaf peepers and lazy river to like. I enjoyed reading it.
    Beautiful photo with you nieces. Wherethey lives?


  3. This year was the first year I heard of leaf peepers and of course, had to look it up! How delightful your nieces stopped to visit. I miss mine so much, not having seen them or my sis and bro for the last 4 years now. Perhaps this fall yet..!


  4. We took a drive this morning and did a bit of leaf-peeping too. The difference a week has made in the colors is amazing. It’s brilliant here in New Jersey today, sunshine and colors galore.


  5. “Nice neices” has a certain ring to it doesn’t it? How nice to get together after their leaf peeping and get a nice photo to remember the visit. Kudos to you and David for keeping order in the house and garage since Lise went through and organized everything … send Lise here please as I sorely need organization.


      1. That’s funny – you could lure Lise back to the U.S. for a long time with all those folks needing her services. My mom had a rule about clothing – any new piece of clothing coming in, had to have a piece of clothing going out. I should adopt that theory for the entire house, maybe it would be harmonious living for me again because disorganization has hit an all-time low.


          1. I look around and am overwhelmed, but you don’t see me rushing to fix it. I had the news on tonight and a meteorologist predicted this very snowy and cold Winter and I decided I’m going to eke out every sunny day I can – this weekend in the 70s. I hate putting blinders on, but you remember those horrible NY Winters. They said January would be -10 to -30 below zero and February would have many snowstorms. I hope they are wrong.


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