Update on Dog Bite

When grandson David got up, we had breakfast and went to Urgent Care in town. I was the only one there, but it still took quite a while to be seen. The paperwork took forever. I was glad the receptionist told me they are required to report all dog bites and was happy to fill out two pages of forms for that.

The doctor cut off the flap of skin, put antibiotic on the open wound, and bandaged it with pretty blue tape. A nurse gave me a tetanus shot, and I was free to go. I looked more fashionable going out than coming in.

Neighbors, family, friends, and bloggers contacted me, offering advice and support. To everyone, thank you.

51 thoughts on “Update on Dog Bite

  1. I am glad to hear that you were treated and wish for a speedy recovery. I am sure you have all the best advice you need right now, so please just know that I am glad you have David, good neighbors, and family. Love has no physical boundaries for those of us who care about you.


  2. What a nightmare! As a child I was attacked by two Labradors who wandered on my route home from school. It is such a helpless feeling. I am glad you got the bite attended to and hope the dogs are caged or otherwise made safe for your walks.


        1. That’s good that you found another way home

          Everyone on our street has to pass the house with the dogs. It’s the first house on the dead end street. We can accept the dog when it is on a leash, but the woman thinks she can control it with her voice. She can’t. I’ll never know why I was bitten, because as soon as I saw the dog, I stood stock still. I had no other defense.

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    1. The men went to the house, but they didn’t get in. Maybe they can trace the dog from the address. The problem is, we think the dog that attacked me does not live there. It lives with the woman who lets the dogs out. They are probably checking on the wrong dog.

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  3. I’m happy you got medical attention for that bite which looked very nasty in the last post and I’m glad they have reported it to the authorities. People want animals, then don’t take proper care of them and/or don’t obey the rules.

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