Happy Reformation Day

Grandson David and I celebrated Reformation Day (October 31) yesterday at church. Many people wore the liturgical color for the day – red. I not only had a red top, but I remembered to wear earrings that are Luther’s seal. They are charms that I hung on ear wires, but they don’t show up well in the photo. Well, they don’t show up at all.

After a rainy start, Halloween showed lots of orange, the traditional colors of the day being orange and black. The living room was suffused with an orange glow from a pear tree outside.

The tree called me to the front porch, wanting to have a photo all by itself.

I shared a selfie with a pumpkin cookie jar and my Jack-o-lantern earrings. Now I shall wait and see if neighbor Logan will come trick or treating. I missed seeing him last year. Although he had a costume, it just isn’t the same to put it on the next day and pretend it’s Halloween.

45 thoughts on “Happy Reformation Day

    1. Reformation Day celebrates the beginning of the protestant reformation when Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to the church door. He wanted to reform the church, not cause a major exodus.


      1. You could add the photo as an edit/update to the original post, depending on your settings. When I add something, I just click the edit button at the bottom of the post, add what I want, and then hit update.


    1. I don’t remember why Logan missed coming over one Halloween. I think he went to a church event or a family party. My mistake was in not specifically inviting him to come over. I checked with Shawn today and found he was recovering from the flu.

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    1. I grew up in the Presbyterian church and knew little about the reformation. That was remedied over time, because John taught a sixth grade Sunday School class on Martin Luther for about 50 years. I heard him talking about that history, and our three children were in his class.

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      1. I was raised Roman Catholic, I “transitioned” to the Episcopal Church in 1988, Roger and I we re married in an Episcopal Church and then I visited the United Methodist Church and felt a sense of spiritual home. I made a real big gaff a few years ago, tried to talk an RC priest in to approaching Reformation Sunday as an opportunity for renewal. I was serious, if naive, he was not a fan.


        1. I think we should always be alert for things that need to be reformed to align to scripture — all scripture, not just a few hand-picked verses. I applaud your challenge to the priest.


  1. When I was a kid in school we always celebrated Reformation Day. I am not a Lutheran but as a Reformed person this was our big day to celebrate what Martin Luther had done for the world. I love your beautiful tree Anne. The colors are beautiful.


  2. Happy Halloween you & little friend Logan. Nice look pumpkin earings.
    Happy Reformation day. Why it’s day celebration.?
    Lovely picture. Nice Beautiful selfie with a pumpkin cooki jar.
    Nice colours 🍎 trees picture. Tack care. God bless you!


  3. How pretty those trees are that we can glimpse from your window. And you look cheery with your pumpkin earrings swaying at your ears. 🙂 I have some metal shamrocks my mom bought me with little metal balls so they make a noise when you move your head – your pumpkin earrings remind me of those.


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