Ice in Various Forms

Grandson David and I knew it was cold as we headed for church, but we didn’t expect to see rime ice. I took a quick shot out of the car window before we moved. Rime ice forms as wind blows very moist air (fog or cloud) over trees and bushes. Because temperatures are colder up high, ice forms there and not on the lower slopes. I find it amusing that it looks like a horizontal line has been drawn on the landscape.

Temperatures were low overnight, turning the birdbath into a skating rink. Perhaps the birds had already checked it out, because not a one came to look for water to drink.

A chunk of ice clogged the rain gauge. As David noted, I should have emptied it.

34 thoughts on “Ice in Various Forms

  1. I have to be honest with you Anne,I have never heard of Rime ice before? So I looked it up……Soft rime is less dense than hard rime and is milky and crystalline, like sugar. Soft rime appears similar to hoar frost.
    Hard rime is somewhat less milky, especially if it is not heavy.
    Clear ice is transparent and homogeneous and resembles ice-cube ice in appearance. Its amorphous[citation needed], dense structure helps it cling tenaciously to any surface on which it forms.


  2. I’m not ready for ice just yet but pretty sure that doesn’t matter to Nature. Our frost is cold enough…..I live in an older house that is cold. This winter should be interesting with prices for warm going up. Be careful on your walks.


  3. There is so much about a northern winter that I am completely oblivious to. I did like seeing that picture of the mountains and the line of white! Like icing on the trees. How cold was the temperature?


  4. It has been cold here as well. We actually had snow the other day. It was kind of pretty but the wind cut straight through a person when you went outside. I am not sure I am totally ready for winter and the cold and ice! I am very sure it is going to come if I am ready or not!


  5. The photograph of the mountains is gorgeous, and I love that line separation! It has been below freezing here, but we did not have moisture until a few minutes ago when it started raining. We use throws or blankets when watching TV, and the thermostat is on a timer to go down at night since we have covers. It helps a little, but currently, the grocery store checkout ticket is more than making up the difference! Be safe!


  6. That’s was fun. I never heard had a name. But it’s pretty that dose not matter the nature. Temprature is colder up high . So beautiful capture the photo. This winter should be interesting. Be careful on your walk.
    Tack care!
    God bless you 🙏


  7. Rime Ice, that is new to me too. The photo is a good descriptive aid. It suddenly turned cold here in New Jersey too. My friend in Texas told me it is cold there also. Seems winter descended in a hurry everywhere.


  8. And so the Winter-like conditions begin. We had such a warm Fall and then boom! We had a gray, gloomy, even snowy day with wind gusts of 25 mph and tomorrow morning our wind chill is in the teens and only going to 20. Thankfully, the western part of the state got all the snow, but in SE Michigan we’ve only had a dusting today.

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