Daughter Lise and I walked to the creek before others got up on Thanksgiving Day. Our church had a service the day before, so there was nothing to rush for.

We had a leisurely breakfast, after which I put the turkey in the oven. It turned out it wasn’t a fake turkey, after all. Several large pieces of turkey breast were put together in a mesh bag to hold them together. How easy it was to slice, with no bones to get in the way!

Here we are, gathered at the table. Left to right are Max and his mother Kathie (Bob’s daughter). Beth and my brother Bob are next, then Lise and David.

For an appetizer, Beth brought crackers and four kinds of sliced cheeses. She prepared a lovely spinach salad with feta cheese, candied pecans, and dried cranberries. The standard foods were on the table – turkey, dressing, gravy, and homemade cranberry sauce. Lise baked Parmesan zucchini, and I sauteed yellow squash with onions. Kathie contributed a lovely sweet potato casserole. We took a break before dessert – lemon cheesecake and a pumpkin cheesecake pie.

Before they left, Kathie asked Max to take a photo of three of us. I’m very pleased to have this more formal picture. It was marvelous to be with this small family group after being with the larger gathering a week ago.

29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. “Happy Thanksgiving!”
    Beautiful family together at table. So delicious & beautiful menu. Beautiful all photos. Beautiful & good looked with Lise & Beth.
    Tack car!
    God bless you!

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  2. I love the photo of you and Lise at the creek! And cows in the background–I love cows, and I do not recall having seen them in earlier photos. You and Lise look so much alike! Did she get her red hair from you?


  3. Your pictures are a delight as always Anne. The menu not so much, as you’ll remmber well from your time here many things you eat regularly are a bit exotic for us though I’d do anything for Sweet potatoes.
    Huge Hugs


  4. Hello beautiful ladies! As you know I was there in spirit for Thanksgiving and wanted to share visually with you what that looked like in my wacky mind. Pardon my bad picture editing skills. Mike was not up yet and I am a sad second on technical things.

    Seriously Aunt Anne it was beautiful that you shared these pictures and I thank you for your wonderful blog. (I did save the originals before adding my wack-a-do versions to my camera roll. And I will treasure them!) Muck love to each of you! Love Julie

    Sent from my iPhone using voice to text speech recognition. Please pardon when Siri cannot translate my Southern accent.



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