Seeing Nathaniel and Sarah

On Sunday daughter Lise, grandson David, and I drove to Charlotte to visit with Sarah and grandson Nathaniel. What a delightful time we had! While waiting for Sarah to get off work, Nate served us hot spiced cider and chicken Alfredo tortellini. Delicious!

The brothers posed for a lighthearted photo.

The lighting was not very good at the restaurant.

Four of us squeezed together as Lise took the picture.

Sometimes you are lucky and get a good shot.

We went to an ice cream shop for dessert, where Sarah was looking at the world through upside down glasses.

I always enjoy the spontaneity of Sarah and Nate. We’ll be walking along, and suddenly they will do a quick dance. I’m never fast enough to catch the action, but they are kind to repeat it. In the ice cream shop, they did a bench dance.

20 thoughts on “Seeing Nathaniel and Sarah

  1. Enjoy with family. Beautiful menu. All photos are beautiful. So pretty look of four us squeezed together. Amazing dance video Sarah & Nate. God blessing!


    1. Sarah went to her family for Thanksgiving, but Nathaniel couldn’t get off work in time to go with her. We didn’t have the resources to drive three hours to pick him up and another three to take him back. The five of us enjoyed each other and the time we had together, even if it wasn’t on Thanksgiving.

      I hope your holiday was pleasant.

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      1. It does not have to be Thanksgiving for a get-together for your extended family, so this worked out perfectly for you due to everyone’s schedule. It was nice and quiet for my holiday – nice to be away from he regular grind.

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