Skunk Damage

I noticed holes dug in the lawn beside the walkway and wondered what had happened. Hours later I mentioned it to David, and he went out to look. At his suggestion, we viewed the video clips from the porch cam. There was the culprit, a skunk! He was active about three hours before I went out to walk. He could have been digging for beetles, crickets, or grubs. Skunks are nocturnal, so they are not likely to be out when I walk. Although the action is visible on my phone and computer, it is too dark to play here. The next day I took photos of the holes the skunk had dug.

38 thoughts on “Skunk Damage

  1. Sis and I fought the skunks at Mom and Dad’s house for 2 years. Skunks:10 Sisters:0 We finally were able (thanks to a little Internet sleuthing) to learn how to track them with flour to determine if they were under the house or not, and how to prevent access. Please know that a skunk can roll a rock out of the way, and chew through tin! Iron stakes and sheet iron finally worked, and her brother-in-law caught the last one still hanging around in a cage and took it to his farm and let it loose with all the gazillion others that live out there in the country. Did you know a skunk won’t spray if its feet are not on the ground? Pick up the cage and it cannot plant its feet as needed to do the tail/gland work. I took B-i-L word for it as I did not want to come watch, just in case!


  2. Do you love your night cam? We have one for when we are in remote areas and are amazed by the wild and crazy wildlife night life. I hope he keeps to his hours and lets you peacefully keep to yours–sounds like a perfect cohabitation agreement.


  3. Oh my. My grandmother’s dog was sprayed by a skunk once and we just couldn’t get rid of the smell for weeks. My dogs would want to chase it and would probably get sprayed. Thankfully we don’t have them here. Those webcams are good to have.


    1. I wouldn’t have thought to look at the video clips, but David suggested it. He realized the cam would be aimed where the critter was, and he was right. I wasn’t sure the holes were new, because I can think something is new when it’s been around for half a year. Is there a pest or nasty animal you’d like Spain to be without?

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      1. There are procession caterpillars that can be lethal to dogs and small children, they come out in the early spring so we have to be extra vigilant. Dot sniffed one once in the park and we had to rush her to the vet, where she was given 3 shots. (They get something like an anaphylactic shock) If they actually lick the worm they often have to have part of their tongue removed. They are so nasty, I wish they would not be in Spain. I did notice the last two years the park has been sprayed and we have not seen any of the culprits.


  4. Imagine me learning something about a woodlands critter from you! I did not know skunks dug holes… and here I’ve been blaming the armadillos around here for that! I don’t mind the skunks in our neck of the woods. I often see them in broad daylight down by the river, though I know they are more nocturnal as most mammals are. We are friendly to all critters here. Diggers and tunnel-makers are pest control without poison or being toxic. God’s way of nature taking care of things and keeping a good balance!


        1. There was a young man who did drugs, and he attracted an older fellow who exposed himself to a teenager up the mountain. He was arrested and let go the same day. A few days later he exposed himself to a group of people at the Methodist retreat center. Not long after that, the young man died, possibly from diabetes. He was the only child of his paraplegic mother. The neighborhood has been quiet ever since.

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