A Birthday Savored

This was a rare year that I had time to think about my birthday after it was over. Daughter Lise celebrates Birthday Month in November and doesn’t let Thanksgiving squash it. I feel blessed if I have a day before to think about my birthday and one day to experience it before Christmas crowds it out. How I appreciated all the phone calls and cards, both mailed and electronic! This is such a busy time that I never expect anyone to remember and am grateful when I am noticed beyond all expectations. Blogging friends sent many written words and wishes. Thank you all very much.

David spent the whole day with me, celebrating the entire time. We drove in the mountains for several hours, always a treat. A quick fast food sandwich was our lunch, and we shopped in the crowded supermarket. While we were home, birthday balloons were delivered. How I delighted in them! They have danced about ever since, reminding me how blessed I am.

Shawn and Bob had a pizza party for me, and that included live music! One of the musicians was a relative of a relative, so that made it very special, relatively speaking.

I wasn’t expecting cake or presents, so I was surprised by that. Shawn bought a lovely cake from the town’s best bakery. I have a very weak spot for bakery treats. It’s great that not only was Logan there, but also Shawn and Bob’s two grandsons were with us. The staff asked if they could have a taste of the cake. I know it sounds crazy, but I was glad there were only two huge slices left that we brought home. I savored that, knowing I would have eaten half of whatever was left. Gluttony for birthday cake knows no bounds.

This photo shows their singing Happy Birthday to me, which I could hear. What none of us heard was that the musicians sang that song especially for me. We were sorry that a raucous table between us and the music blotted that all out. It was very sweet of singers.

I love this photo of Shawn, a very gracious hostess.

I’ve never dreamed of sugar plum fairies, but I have dreamed of snow – lots of snow. I had some sent especially to me! This is a photo of the house where daughter Lise is visiting son John $ and Rose in Washington state. They have included me with phone calls and videos. I’ve had chats with daughter Kate, too, as everyone waited for the big storm that was sweeping the nation. David and I were amazed that we saw zero on the thermometer and found the constant blips with electricity to be a bit disconcerting.

That brings us to Christmas Eve, certainly far different from any before. In past years we always stopped whatever we were doing to listen to the service of lessons and carols live from Kings College in England. I knew where to find the service on line, and David kept it going. Because of the brief blackouts, we lost the internet connection repeatedly. We had the service bulletin on the screen and had do-it-yourself scripture readings when the power failed. David was able to reconnect as soon as the power came back on, so we didn’t lose much. If the choir cut out on an anthem or carol, we supplied the music by singing it ourselves.

Nativity by Shawn

Merry Christmas!

39 thoughts on “A Birthday Savored

  1. It never fails to cheer me up when I read your posts, Anne. I am happy you had a wonderful birthday blessed by friends and family. Other things I loved about this post: your festive Christmas sweater and red coat (I love red!); that you shared your cake with staff–how lovely of you; the beautiful nativity set (did Shawn make it? I love it, and Shawn’s haircut!); the photo of the grandsons and Logan singing; Rose and John $ classic house–so northwestern and pretty with the dark blue and snow; and that you have been able to video talk and call with your family. I do have to admit, that it one of the benefits of telecommunication…as long as one has electricity or cell phone. We had two episodes of loss of power here today too, but nothing that caused any issues.

    I hope your Christmas Eve is delightful and that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas Day. Wishing you all the best in the coming year air hugs for all! Susan


    1. Yes, Shawn made the tiny nativity set. She is VERY artistic. She also made the red dish that is on the table in front of her. I am thrilled to have several of her creations.

      Our power seems to be fully on again as the weather warms up. The Christmas Eve service was beautiful and well-attended. There won’t be many at church tomorrow, but the faithful will gather and worship.

      Warm air hugs to you and your family. Our temperatures are on the rise after hitting zero last night. Merry Christmas!

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      1. Thank you Anne. It was quiet. It is finally warmer here today (if +15 feels balmy, feel my forehead). We got four inches of snow. I was going to read a book today, but wrote a post for tomorrow instead – for me that is relaxing. Hope your Christmas was peaceful as well.


          1. That’s great you got to church, with no worries since this storm hit so many states. Was Nathaniel’s dad visiting him in Charlotte – I guess before when Nathaniel went to visit his dad in NY, that was before Nathaniel had his own apartment. How nice for you and David. (Long enough in that nine hours to whip up anything special?)


            1. We talked a LOT. We ate slowly. They went through Christmas mugs that David and I didn’t want. Nathaniel honed in on a set of three that used to light up when liquid was inside. He explained that they were part of his childhood. They picked out some Christmas CDs that we didn’t want, and they took some gloves and scarfs that had belonged to John. They also picked several bottles of red wine that I wouldn’t have used. They were pleased, and so was I.

              Nate doesn’t cook here unless he’s here for a number of days. I once told him I was wary of cooking for him. “No!” He said. “You prepare comfort food that you wouldn’t get in a restaurant. I love your cooking.”. He is sweet.

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              1. Well you both made one another’s day and Nate’s dad as well. I didn’t realize that he didn’t always cook unless it was for a few days … I am sure having a home-cooked comfort food meal holds a lot of appeal. He is sweet – you have two sweet grandsons and Logan … all are exceptional young men. I was listening to the news over this long holiday and people, when asked at the airport, what their favorite part of the Christmas meal was, I was surprised how many of them said “mom’s mac and cheese” … I hear that at for the Thanksgiving interviews too.


                  1. I hear people going on about mac-n-cheese for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and I don’t get it. My mom made homemade macaroni sometimes with bread crumbs on top or bread crumbed up so it had a nice crispy top layer, but otherwise unremarkable.


                    1. That makes sense and I follow a site on Facebook called “Made In Canada” with funny comments and pictures and people rave about “Kraft Dinner Blue Box” – that is how they refer to mac and cheese over there.

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  2. Glad your happy birthday was so fun and you are looking in the love from family and friends. Merry Christmas 🎄! Hope you got more 🍰🎂 🎄


  3. What a wonderful birthday you had!! My mom’s birthday was on Christmas day and we always made sure she got to celebrate. Dad always gave her two gifts, one for Christmas and one for her birthday. They will be celebrating together now.


  4. What a wonderful,day for you, Anne, and no one I know is more deserving! I’m glad your power is steady now. Things will warm up soon…we went from a high of -8 two days ago up to 41 and still rising this morning!


  5. You look so pretty with your cake! A drive in the mountains sounds lovely. I love how you are surrounded by so many caring, sweet people. How nice that they get to spoil you a little. Happy Birthday, again. Looks like a wonderful time!


  6. Belated birthday wishes from North Carolina! It sounds like you had lots of folks loving on you and helping you to celebrate your special day. That is a gift within itself! I’d say you should milk it the rest of the month 😊
    Ps – I love the nativity scene!


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