Face (or back) Recognition

Because I was waiting for an exterminator and a painter to come, David’s plans for his day off were affected. Instead of eating out and grocery shopping, he took me out to brunch at the Buttered Biscuit. Yummy! As we were leaving, I suggested we go two doors down to Dunkin Donuts to get breakfast for the next day. He wasn’t overly enthusiastic, but he held out his arm for me to twist. He said I used an Indian twist, meaning I used both hands.

We gazed at the two large display cases, making our decisions carefully. You’d be forgiven for thinking we were considering risky investments! A couple at a table next to the exit had plenty of time to see my back. As I opened the door, I thought the man asked if we had walked there. As I fumbled for an answer, the woman clarified it. She wanted to know if I regularly walked on a street in our area. Wow! They recognized me from my morning walks! What a thrill!! We introduced ourselves, but I didn’t hear the names well. David thought she was Erin (I heard Aerie), and he might have been Dan or Ned. I said I couldn’t see faces inside cars, so they pointed out their car sitting outside. I tried to memorize the tag, but I’ve forgotten it already. Tomorrow I shall give an extra big wave to all black SUVs.

28 thoughts on “Face (or back) Recognition

  1. Oh goodness I don’t even want to go there…remembering names.. Have always had trouble with that nd now that Im not hearing too well it is worse. Be careful on your walks please.

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  2. My hearing hasn’t been great and I really need to get hearing aids. I can’t hear what most people say unless it’s one on one in a quiet spot. I find that smiling and bobbing your head up and down serves me well. Hopefully I didn’t agree to loan anyone money!

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    1. I’m glad I got my hearing aids when I did. When you are desperate enough, you’ll get aids and wear them faithfully until you wouldn’t think of leaving them out. They do take a bit of time to get used to.

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  3. Very nice to meet a neighbour like it’s.
    Can you used hearing aids??
    You have something heard problem.
    Tack care!


    1. Yes, I’ve had hearing aids for over a year. I put them in when I get up and take them off when I go to bed. I need to hear cars coming when I walk, and I want to hear neighbors and family when they talk to me. I’ve read that it helps keep you from falling!

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  4. Yup…that’s a problem at this stage…friendly enough to engage and be-engaging….not having a clue about how to remember.


        1. For 25 years I identified people by the backs of their heads, not even their whole bodies. I was the church organist, so I was playing as they wandered in and again as they were rushing out. I saw the backs of their heads during the sermon.

          Once we were sitting in a restaurant 30 miles away, and I knew the family at the next table by the back of one head. You never know when a special gift will come in handy.

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