Bed Head or Windblown?

My hair got up on the wrong side of the bed, and I stopped to take a photo of it just before walking with John. As predicted, the wind was blowing. I figured my bed head wouldn’t matter. Here are the before and after photos. You can vote for a winner, but I think they are equally bad.

I got up earlier, hoping to get home before the sun blinded us. That turned out not to be a problem. We saw Logan dribbling a basketball on his porch, and he ran out to speak to us. John said, “Want to walk with us until it’s time to go to school?”

He ran back inside, emerging in moments with Shawn at the door. We waved at her and set off up the street with Logan. He began talking about songbirds, having seen a robin recently. We were impressed when he said he has a small book of North Carolina birds and identified a towhee. Way to go! I didn’t try to identify a bird until I was 40 years old, despite my mother’s life-long interest. Logan has started at age 11. We love that young man and admire his active brain.

Bob picked him up at the big bend. He waved from the back window, and we did the BIG WAVE, as usual. What a fun way to start our day!

When we returned, I wanted a photo of Joyce’s daffodils. A video seemed the best medium on a windy day. I tried to get the attention of the flowers, but they had their backs turned to me.

Wild Hair During Lock Down

I thought it might be fun to take selfies just before the barber shops and hair salons reopen. We heard that North Carolina will begin reopening restaurants and hair places at 5 pm on May 22. I started the day before the announcement, taking a selfie that showed my hair long. I wasn’t trying to look good, but it backfired. The photo looked better than expected, so I made it my profile picture.

The next day I took another, trying to show how bad I could look. I discovered that there isn’t much difference between when I look my best and when I look my worst! That can be taken two ways. Either I don’t need to bother any more, or I should keep trying and maybe someday I’ll look better.