Bed Head or Windblown?

My hair got up on the wrong side of the bed, and I stopped to take a photo of it just before walking with John. As predicted, the wind was blowing. I figured my bed head wouldn’t matter. Here are the before and after photos. You can vote for a winner, but I think they are equally bad.

I got up earlier, hoping to get home before the sun blinded us. That turned out not to be a problem. We saw Logan dribbling a basketball on his porch, and he ran out to speak to us. John said, “Want to walk with us until it’s time to go to school?”

He ran back inside, emerging in moments with Shawn at the door. We waved at her and set off up the street with Logan. He began talking about songbirds, having seen a robin recently. We were impressed when he said he has a small book of North Carolina birds and identified a towhee. Way to go! I didn’t try to identify a bird until I was 40 years old, despite my mother’s life-long interest. Logan has started at age 11. We love that young man and admire his active brain.

Bob picked him up at the big bend. He waved from the back window, and we did the BIG WAVE, as usual. What a fun way to start our day!

When we returned, I wanted a photo of Joyce’s daffodils. A video seemed the best medium on a windy day. I tried to get the attention of the flowers, but they had their backs turned to me.

39 thoughts on “Bed Head or Windblown?

  1. I like them both, and both are enhanced by your brilliant smile. You know bed-head is the “tousled” look, right? Love the Big Wave, too, and the daffodils swaying in the wind. My daffodils are blooming now, too!

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  2. I agree with the comment above! Knowing myself, I’d have grabbed a hat, but that’s just me. My hair is so thin, I have to cover it up with something. 🤣
    The daffodils are pretty!

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  3. Your hair looks adorable even though windblown! 🙂 And may I say you look SO young there, 20 years younger!! Re Logan’s intellect, he reminds me of (sorry if I’ve mentioned this before) the little friend my daughter had when she was in first grade. I was giving him a little tour of the flowers I had in my backyard (I had a house then), and I said, “These are daisies.” He said, “They’re SHASTA daisies!” I mean, a six-year old, come on! Lol!

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  4. We have had some of those winds here and my dafs are just about gone. I do love that they tell us Spring is just around the corner…still peaking but fixing to come on in. How ever…temps are falling again .


  5. I like them both . And both are face on your sweet & lovely smile. So interested share it’s. Beautiful video for wind. I like!👌🌷


  6. The wind can do amazing things! Sometimes my bed head gets tousled by the wind, and when I comb it after, it actually looks pretty good!😂 the daffodils are looking great. We are still waiting for something green to pop out, but hoping everything waits for a few more weeks, as we have been flirting with 0 again.


  7. Sometimes the wind is blowing so hard at the beach when we take the dogs for a walk, I wonder why I bothered to fix my hair! That Logan is quite the young man. I love daffodils, thanks for the video of them swaying in the breeze.


  8. You are too funny! I am so glad that you got some time with Logan! What a great relationship you have with him. He is blessed in having you there for him!



  9. I have to agree with the others who said the smiles overshadowed the hair in both pics. Love the height, though. I think you got a couple of inches there!


  10. Bed head works for a windy day – you save time getting ready to go outside! I wonder when we’ll see daffodils? I’ve seen snow drops which will be in snow after tonight – again.


      1. I’ll have to look at the snow drops I see in one neighbor’s front yard under a tree – two nights of wintry mix and wind chills in the “teens” might have zapped ’em.


  11. We had high winds that weekend as well, and it was warm enough that I got out to enjoy it. I discovered that our daffodils were just poking up through the soil. We turned cold again after that but have now (as of today) returned to spring-like temps. Hopefully we’ll see yellow blossoms soon.
    P.S. Love the windblown look. 🙂


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