Wild Hair During Lock Down

I thought it might be fun to take selfies just before the barber shops and hair salons reopen. We heard that North Carolina will begin reopening restaurants and hair places at 5 pm on May 22. I started the day before the announcement, taking a selfie that showed my hair long. I wasn’t trying to look good, but it backfired. The photo looked better than expected, so I made it my profile picture.

The next day I took another, trying to show how bad I could look. I discovered that there isn’t much difference between when I look my best and when I look my worst! That can be taken two ways. Either I don’t need to bother any more, or I should keep trying and maybe someday I’ll look better.

36 thoughts on “Wild Hair During Lock Down

  1. Day 2 still looked fine on you but on me it says’Just got up and not combed your hair’ Mind yyou these days I can say Who’s going to see it, I live alone,
    Gargantuan Hugs


  2. I’m envious that you look great in both photos! I was “due” for a cut and highlight…My last hair appt. was February 13😣. Product, heat, rollers and/or a hot iron are required for work. Otherwise, I’ve been living in a baseball cap!😄


  3. Ha! Not too many people would say a good picture “backfired”! 🙂 I like your new profile picture! Maybe you could take one of me to make me look good!.


  4. you and your hair here look lovely Anne! Our hair salons are not yet allowed to be open. I’ve taken to using nail scissors to lop off a bit here and there…and my sort of side parting has now moved to the other side ..


      1. Haha!
        No not quite yet, they’ll be open June 1 in the rest of Quebec, but not in Montreal yet! We’re still a hot spot. We have about half of all deaths in Quebec. And Quebec has half of all Canada’s deaths. It’s disproportionate, in other words. Probably because of much greater density here. Montreal has about 4 million in total; there’s also Quebec City, and Sherbrooke, and smaller cities… I believe Quebec has a bit over 8 mil. total population.
        Back to hair – ours is sure getting long too! Lol!!


  5. I remembered you were going to write about your hair after I commented on the new profile picture. I looked back and missed this post – oops! Well that is interesting, two months later, short hair and it looks very manageable and great! I have not had a haircut since October 26th. I usually don’t return to the hair salon until mid-April because I have a hat on my head during that time period anyway. But this will be stretching it, and the highlights as well. I don’t know when ours will open, maybe June 12th when our next stay-at-home order has been extended.


      1. There is a movement by barbershops and salons to get them opened up sooner than the 12th of June. I just heard about it today. Where I go is a small shop, a husband and wife. Jill does my hair. They have a Facebook site. I was chatting with Jim and he said when they open again, the protocol will be one customer per hour to allow time to do their hair and sanitize everywhere they touched/sat. I’m not sure I’m ready to return there, but might have to trim my own hair for now. The dentists open this Friday – not real sure about that either. We’re supposed to go online and make an appointment – I’ll make it for September (which hopefully won’t be worse as to the Coronavirus). Not sure as to the eye doctor either. I usually go every June. I heard we have now surpassed 100,000 in the U.S. – scary. What is Nathaniel doing now that school is done? I guess he won’t return to his job at school til Fall.


        1. The school contacted Nathaniel and asked that he return at the end of June. He finished his exams last Friday and is taking time off for a bit. The online classes were nothing like attending lectures.

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          1. That’s great that Nathaniel will have a job to return to … and he’s kind of isolated in the kitchen, there so no worries. Glad he is off for a bit too. I have heard that the online classes are very different – there was a controversy on the radio yesterday when Michigan State University decided to open in the Fall. One woman said she was all for sending her son, who is a junior, there because what he got in online teaching would not help his curriculum.


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