Northerners, Southerners, and Brits

What a marvelous collection of people we had gathered around the table on the porch! We came from North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, New York, and England. The award for the best Southern accent went to Shawn (Ohio) imitating her daughter. She sounded more authentic than I do. Dennis (NC) was testing an English accent, and Wesley cooed in International. Frankly, I wouldn’t have thought to get us together until Shawn said they’d love to meet people from England. It worked out that we could have a leisurely meal together, and everyone gave the appearance of having a good time. Can’t ask for more.

082115 Group from Wesley's end
Little Wesley always smiles for the camera!

Bob told the funniest story that made our group burst into laughter. He had a friend, whom we’ll call Felix, who was at the hospital for the birth of his third child. He had not been in the delivery room with the first two, whether by choice or not, I don’t know. Felix was in the hospital with his wife and went downstairs for a snack. While he was gone, the baby was suddenly delivered.

As Felix was returning upstairs, a nurse entered the elevator who knew that he had come in with his wife in labor. She was curious to know if the baby was a girl or a boy.

The nurse asked, “What did you have?”

Felix answered, “Macaroni and cheese.”

Yes, truth can be funnier than fiction. I’m sure there were amusing stories at the other end of the table, but I couldn’t hear them.

It was getting dark, so I didn’t get any photos of the three older boys using the Nerf guns outside. As you can imagine, playing with those guns took precedence over eating. They dutifully sat through the meal with good manners, but as soon as they were excused, they rushed out to play. Kudos to Dennis (16) and Charlie (11) for letting Logan (5) play with the older gang. The pleasure was written all over the young lad’s face.

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