Sneakers Say “Sorry”

Chris and Steve were waiting for us when we first arrived and helped carry everything in. I wasn’t paying attention and presumed my Sunday sneakers stayed in the car where I left them. I told John I was going to fetch them, but he insisted they were in the house.

He said, “They are right inside the front door where you left them.”

“But I didn’t bring them in,” I said.

Sunday morning I went down the stairs, and there were those sneaky sneakers. They seemed to have a defiant attitude, so I was compelled to scold them. The toy camera piously jumped in to record their position.


111515 Sneakers say Sorry.JPG

When Chris came in the room, the sneakers apologized as nicely as sneakers can. They said, “We’re so sorry. We were left by the front door when you were having company. We didn’t intend to be so rude.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sticking their tongues out when they said it. Have you noticed I have a hard time keeping my shoes in line?

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