White Potatoes for Dessert

You can be sure I wasn’t PLANNING to have baked potatoes for dessert. A week prior to my fiasco, John and I were in the supermarket with the house brand, no-fat Greek yogurt on the list. We usually substitute this yogurt for sour cream. John picked up plain vanilla yogurt instead – a quart of the stuff. We noticed it as we were putting things in the refrigerator, and John said it was no problem, that he’d eat it as a snack.

Fast forward a week. Because John made the first mistake, I insisted on picking up the no-fat Greek yogurt myself. You can imagine I did it with a disdainful flourish. Later that day, I was rushing things to the table and accidentally picked up the vanilla yogurt on the refrigerator door. Realizing my mistake, I returned it and looked on the shelf where there was one carton of vanilla yogurt and one of Greek yogurt. Confidently I picked up the Greek yogurt. John added only butter to his baked potato, but I ground sea salt over mine plus black pepper – PLENTY of black pepper! You’d think it had been riding in an open car behind a steam engine. I was surprised the yogurt had been opened, but I put a generous spoonful on the potato and spread it around with my fork. I wish the toy camera had been ready. There is no telling what expressions crossed my face. I whipped that silly container toward me and read, “Vanilla Greek Yogurt.”

7 thoughts on “White Potatoes for Dessert

  1. so what did it taste like? potatoes are pretty bland tasting…but I suppose there was a psychological effect because of the sweetness. That is really funny..I enjoyed reading about your dessert. 🙂

    Do you remember when the chocolate mayonnaise cake was in? Once the original “ew” factor stopped, that was an excellent cake–so dark and chocolatey. and moist…one of my daughters was talking about that recently. Well now we use cake mixes most of the time. I wonder if the old recipe would still work as well?

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      1. hmmm…I wonder what if you had been a guest at some fancy dancy luncheon…and they served mash taters and vanilla yogurt… and either you didn’t know OR you knew and had to just eat it anyway?


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