Let’s Not Leave a Mess

Our favorite five-year-old knocked on the door, wanting to visit us. He made a bee line for the candy that John had deftly removed, and he found only peanuts. That was better than nothing. After I listed milk, fruit flavored water, or juice to drink, he chose juice and picked out the Christmas cup that has blinking lights when holding liquid. Never still for long, he requested the larger radio controlled car that had been recharged since his last visit. I went to the back closet and pulled down a truck that I saw there the day before.

“Did you buy this for me?” he wanted to know.

I replied, “No, it was in the closet. It must have belonged to David or Nathaniel.”

Logan didn’t find it terribly appealing until I flipped a switch that made lights go on. It was much more interesting when he found another switch that activated the helicopter blades. He didn’t stay with anything long.

John mentioned the neighbor’s horses. Instead of going to the sliding door to look out, Logan leaped toward the counter. If I’d only been a few inches further away, the photo would have shown his feet dangling there.

121115 Logan looks for horses.JPG

I’m finding my role an easy one, that of being Mrs. Wilson in our live version of Dennis the Menace. I was in the kitchen making a chicken pie for dinner as the old fellow and little one were playing at the other end of the room.


“Let’s not leave a mess.” Want to guess who said that? Logan! As soon as he said it, he shut down the truck and carefully returned it to the box. That would never have happened in the cartoon strip!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Not Leave a Mess

  1. This is a wonderful account of your relationship with your young neighbor. He will always remember you fondly. I’ve found that children rise to the occasion…and will behave as expected.


  2. Seems that Logan/Dennis is aware of his shortcomings and making an effort to be neat (no doubt urged in that direction at home). He is also intent on impressing you and John. I think this friendship is wonderful and kudos to you for nourishing it. 🙂


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