First Note from Logan

When John came back from running errands, he opened the mailbox to retrieve the day’s mail. Logan came running over and said, “That’s from me! That’s from me!”

John was trying to read the card on top when Logan told him to come to his house. Old man and little boy walked across the street, and John told Bob, “Logan invited me to come over, so I’m here.”

Bob responded graciously, “You are always welcome.”

When John came home, we put our heads together to read Logan’s note. We think he was inviting us over. Our take on it was, “Nana, can you come to my house”

121415 Logan's first note to us.JPG

I loved the locomotive, put there because Logan knows John loves trains.


What do you think? Isn’t this impressive from a 5-year-old who has only been in kindergarten for a little over three months?

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