Technical Difficulties

Before I had anything to write about, the keyboard went haywire. The first letter I typed began to fill the screen. Pressing backspace reversed the process, so there was no control whatsoever. Frustration! David loaned me his laptop in the car so that I could get started writing on the way home.

There was heavy rain the first half of the trip to New York. It was scary to look out the front window. John is far-sighted, and I’m near-sighted. He drove with confidence, leading me to assume he could see further through the rain and splash than I could. Evidently, that was true, because we arrived safely.

Grandson David was packed and ready to go when we got to New Jersey. We had a pleasant lunch with daughter Kate in a deli close to her office. There were no quotes for the day, but we laughed lot.


121815 Kate David in deli.JPG
Kate and her son David

Knowing I couldn’t write, I tried to take photographs for reminders of things we had done. We spent our first evening with friends Karen and Al. After eating at a lovely Italian restaurant within walking distance of their home, we pigged out on the flourless chocolate cake Karen had made. Man! We were in chocoholic heaven! We relish every moment we spend with them.


121815 John Karen Al.JPG
John, Karen, and Al with decadent chocolate cake

I was dying to know how Al was going to use the Spanish moss we brought him. Months and months ago, when he knew we were moving to NC, he requested this moss. It doesn’t grow in our part of the state, but John’s sister Chris had it right in her SC yard. She kindly brought a stepladder and assisted John in cutting some. Weeks later it was in Al’s living room. He pointed to a dark part of the room where I squinted to see a little bit of moss draped on an evergreen tree. He planned to add this to the tree. I wish I’d taken a picture of it and asked for an update.

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