Our Visit in the Village

Early in the morning we left David sleeping in the motel and walked by the water in Stony Brook. This was where I exercised for more than 20 years.


Walking friend Tom was waiting for us. Because of the fierce wind, he hopped in our car for the show and tell session. He had a vase he’d bought at auction, along with an old book that included a picture of it. I won’t include the details now, but the book discussed the artist in depth. Tom handed us a small gadget, and we correctly guessed it was a nutcracker. He then pointed out the design that could be traced back to Italy. Lastly, he showed us two spoons that were made of melted coins. They had a high silver content, and now the spoons are getting more rare because people are melting them for the valuable silver. I remembere122115 Tom's spoons from melted coins.JPGd my brother and I had three spoons each that were purported to be the same type. I was eager to pull out mine to see if they were similar. They will differ in one respect – Tom’s were beautifully polished. As he was leaving, Tom presented the spoons to us as a Christmas present!

We chatted with Dave whom we’ve known for years. He asked especially about our son $ who is a kindred spirit. Both love to hike and camp out.

Our grandsons had been to a model train display in the village, and Tom also recommended it. I have a lighter appreciation for trains than John and David, but it was fun to watch the trains puff around the track.

121915 David John train show


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