Amy’s View of News

If I were alert enough, I could probably devote a whole blog site to quoting casual comments from our fun neighbors.  Amy has had a persistent cough for several days, so I called to ask if she wanted to share a pot of tea.

She said, “I’m just watching the news.”

As she took a breath to continue, I said, “Do you want to finish watching the news and then come over?”

Amy replied, “The news is never over.”

I laughed and repeated it to John.  As long as the world turns, there will be news.  If you are married to a man who is addicted to New York radio, you know there are radio and television stations that do nothing but spew out news and ads 30 hours a day.  IF John were going to be buried, and IF I wanted to put something meaningful in his casket, I would tuck in a portable radio with a handle.  He used to carry one around the house from office to bathroom to living room because, to quote Amy, “the news is never over.”

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