Mouthful Mumble  

Neighbor Amy has only three weeks to go until moving day, so I drop everything to run errands with her.  She is terribly busy picking up boxes, dropping things off at Goodwill, taking garbage to the dump, and buying supplies for last minute projects.  I just go for the ride and the chance to visit and laugh.  Laughter is a key component.

There were two letters on the center console which I had kept pinned down with my elbow.  Amy is a fast driver, though I think all four wheels stayed on the road.  As she drew up to the curbside mailbox, I handed her the envelopes.  She poked them toward the chute, withdrew her hand, flipped one letter over, and licked the flap.

“Th un nah ee ulled,” she said, as her tongue traced the edge of the flap.

I was already laughing when I asked, “What did you say?”

“This one was not sealed,” she replied, grinning and laughing.  We were on the way to pick up her dental records, and I thought she sounded like she was in the dentist’s chair already, with her mouth full of instruments.

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