Amy Makes Me Laugh  

I made neighbor Amy repeat the phrase the first time she said it.  Then she explained, “You use it when you’re threatening a child.”

Yes, we’re probably showing the age we grew up in.  It was perfectly acceptable for a parent to tell a child what was going to happen to him if he didn’t straighten up and fly right.  Although I grew up in the South, I hadn’t heard this one before.

The threat was, “I’m gonna jerk a knot in you.”

Amy said, “You have to say it through clenched teeth with a mean twist to your voice like this.  If you don’t pick that up right now, I’m gonna jerk a knot in you.”

I laughed and laughed.  I can’t imagine those words coming out of my mouth.  They might be quite effective if there were no PC police around.  Have you ever heard it in real life?

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