My Most Meaningful Trophy  

I’m not going to ask neighbor Bob to build me a display case, but I’m very proud of my new trophy for walking.  After I retired and moved to North Carolina, I extended my walking schedule by one day.  John joined me, so it’s on our agenda to walk six mornings a week.  We go to the creek and back, a two-mile walk which takes about an hour.  Please note that John could walk twice as fast, but he restrains himself by walking not more than two paces ahead of me.

Several years ago I bought a 10-pair bag of socks, rotating them once a week.  That means each pair is worn six hours a week unless it rains.  I lost four socks, so each pair is now worn every eight weeks.  Don’t worry; this is not an arithmetic problem.  After years of steady walking, I finally wore a hole in the heel of one sock.  This is my hard-earned trophy.

052716 Hole in sock.JPG

I hope to wear out a few more.  Since I have equal opportunity sock employment, I expect more holes in the future.  If you are eager for a math problem, could you take the statistics here, project them in the future, and tell me if I have a lifetime supply left?

6 thoughts on “My Most Meaningful Trophy  

  1. The achievement of walking. Congratulations! I’m going to be honest here that I completely admire you for maintaining a habit in walking frequently! I would loose enthusiasm! Well done X

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  2. Just a darn shame about that sock. Right there with you and the walking, Mary Agnes can walk me to death, several marathons under her belt, she’s been doing it forty plus years. Now for me, I just plod along, one foot in front of the other unless a toe stub enters into play. Memorial Day, honor those who sacrificed so we can walk among the trees. May you and John have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Mary Agnes is way ahead of me. I’ve been walking outside only 22 years. John and I are not well matched, either. I grew up in the South at a time when no one walked for exercise. In fact, if you were out on the sidewalk, you couldn’t go very fast because everyone stopped to offer you a ride and exchanged pleasantries before moving on. John, on the other hand, could out-walk the best in Manhattan. When traffic was clogged, he walked faster than a bus could go.

      Hope you have a great weekend, too. We are heading to a wake where the enjoyable part will be the visiting with people we don’t see often. Of course, there will be one we’ll never see again on earth. He had lived a good life and was not young. Wave a flag for us, please. We used to go to a community parade on Long Island on Memorial Day.

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