Five Years and Seven Inches Later  

From the beginning, our two grandsons have always gotten along very well.  Five years ago David, at 16, towered over Nathaniel after one of his teenly growth spurts.  Nathaniel was probably of average height for a boy of eleven.  That summer we took a day trip upstate to look at minor waterfalls and ate at a Burger King restaurant between points of interest.  While the boys were clowning around, I took a quick photo that made it appear David was lording or kinging it over Nathaniel.  It was always one of my favorites because the boys were having fun together.

082411 N King David.jpg

Five years later it was Nathaniel’s turn to play the 16-year-old.  He is 6’4” tall now.  When I mentioned Burger King crowns, David immediately knew the incident and the picture I was thinking of.  He is working at Burger King this summer and brought home two crowns for a reenactment on the first day of Nathaniel’s visit.

062316 D N recreating scene.JPG

A new twist was Nathaniel’s wearing two crowns like a checkers king and David trumping his stance by pointing to the logo on his official hat.

062316 N D Logo trumps double king.JPG

More in character is a shot of them with their arms about each other.  Our summer is off to a wonderful start.

062316 The King brothers.JPG

11 thoughts on “Five Years and Seven Inches Later  

    1. There is a secret for our grandsons’ getting along. They are half brothers and grew up in separate households. They value their time together and don’t waste it fighting. Lucky us! Nathaniel is 16, so he isn’t likely to grow much more. I love using him for giraffe jobs around the house. Flatfooted, he can reached items in the highest cabinets.

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  1. I often tell John he makes a wonderful grandmother. I do my best, but he has a natural affinity for relating to children. I think I do my part well — standing by to enjoy the interaction. He has always had a special relationship with our grandsons, and some of it spills over to me. Lucky me!


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