Logan is Six  

We teased a lot about Logan’s being Dennis the Menace, while we filled our roles as the old couple next door, the Wilsons.  We may still play George and Martha, but it officially came to an end today.  Dennis the Menace is a perpetual five-year-old, and Logan has outgrown him.

We sang Happy Birthday while Logan waited to blow out the candle.

062416 Logan is 6.JPG

Someone said, “We’ve gotta sing the family song.”  There was a little reluctance, but the whole family joined in.  I thought it was going to be something short and silly, but it was more like a polished show tune.  Shawn said she remembered her grandmother singing this birthday song, so it has been in their family a long time.

Logan was eager to show off his swing set, given by a neighbor whose children had outgrown it.  Our grandson Nathaniel offered to go around to the back of the house with him.  It was easy for me to step out on the deck above and get a quick shot of the six-year-old and the six footer swinging together.  It wasn’t until I saw the photo that I realized the frame was set up as only neighbor Bob would have done it.  Two logs made a solid footing on one end.  Living on the edge of a sloping mountain calls for level-headed ingenuity.

062416 Logan N on new swing set.JPG

The gift that was the hit of the party was a sprinkler.  You load a ball at the top, and it spirals down to be shot up in the air by the water.  Amazingly, the ball sometimes stayed on top of the spray for a minute or so.  The young children put on swimsuits and got soaking wet.  Grandsons David and Nathaniel were right there in the action, but they knew how to avoid the spray.

062416 Sprinkler Logan N.JPG

062416 Sprinkler Logan Lily D.JPG

The party ended on a quieter level as Logan challenged David to a game of checkers.

062416 D and Logan play checkers.JPG

7 thoughts on “Logan is Six  

    1. Logan’s grown sister made the cake for him. She loves to experiment in the kitchen. Our grandsons have been to family gatherings several times a year where there are a number of much younger cousins. They seem to relate easily to little people, something I couldn’t do at their age!

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  1. What a great cake! Our daughter does fancy cakes like that, or similar in nature anyways. The kids love them. Glad you have so much fun with your grandchildren, Anne. 🙂


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