Tree ID

With John away, I drove to Waynesville and took the walk that we thought we would take when we moved to this area. Strolling beside a stream near the rec center seemed ideal. We didn’t know that we’d be close enough to walk to a creek from our home. We haven’t walked in Waynesville often, and usually when we did, the light was dim. A number of trees and shrubs have signs labeled with the name of the plant. I took time to read a few. Some proved I knew what I was looking at, and others were new to me. Carolina Silverbell was one I hadn’t noticed before. I correctly identified the flowering dogwood, then I came to one that said Barney. I never heard of a Barney tree before, have you?. The sign looked like all the others in that area. Walking closer, I read it. The words were something like, “Barney was my faithful companion. We walked here regularly. I miss you, Barney. I’ll see you again in heaven.”

15 thoughts on “Tree ID

    1. Yes, I walked alone. There are always others on that path, as well as lots of dog walkers. Normally John and I walk together, but he is playing with trains with other enthusiasts in middle Tennessee. Of the two of us, I am the more committed one. I’ve been walking for over 21 years. John didn’t start until he retired. Do you walk for exercise?

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  1. Sweet post, Anne. Way to go to all these faithful walkers. I am trying and wish I had started a LOT earlier. Good for you guys. 🙂 Debbie


    1. I hate that phrase “start exercising”. I began walking for exercise, but I enjoy it now. It’s a scheduled start to the day. Hopefully you can find movement you like at a convenient time, and it won’t be as bad as it sounds. Good luck!

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  2. I like that, “a Barney Tree.’ On a walk I used to take with Maggie she would stop at the Stop Sign to the Yacht Club, looking for rabbits to chase. Perhaps I’ll mention,” Maggie Stopped Here.” Kind of like Kilroy. Always enjoyable Anne.


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