Day 2, Watch Out!

If the previous post sounded idyllic, it was. We were fresh, and neighbor Logan (6) was on his best behavior. We left off with bedtime, when Logan chose to sleep on the recliner in my room. I wrote about him then, staying up far too late. Experience counts, though. Before going to bed, I hid the remote to the TV. One time when he was here, John found him watching a program at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Logan began stirring around 5 when it was still pitch black. I almost quit breathing so he wouldn’t guess I was awake. He must have been searching for the remote around 5:15. It didn’t take long for him to come back to speak to me in bed. He obediently climbed back on the recliner, covered up, and tried to sleep a bit more. You have to give him credit for staying down another 15 minutes. John often wakes and looks at the computer anywhere after 4, but he was wrapped in a blanket. He stirred enough to say he’d be up in a few minutes, so I handed Logan the remote and made a coffeecake where I could monitor what he watched.

John soon persuaded Logan to turn off the TV in order to play Chinese checkers. From the other room I heard Logan’s soft voice and John’s chuckling reply, “No, you can’t have ice cream for breakfast!” I had to smile, for I had already fended off requests for peanuts, cookies, and ice cream. Those were the requests I heard and understood.

102916 John Logan play C checkers.jpg

102916-peggityAfter we three walked Logan’s dogs, I put my Peggity set on the kitchen table. Did any of you ever play that game? It’s my favorite game that involves strategy, in fact, the only one I play willingly. I didn’t push it, just waited for Logan to see it and ask to play. After each game, I asked if we should put it away and play again another day. About six games later he agreed, and John took him to the playground. Playing Peggity with a beginner is a real challenge. I try to fix it so that the child wins every other game. Admittedly, I had lots of practice with our two grandchildren. Now they can beat me at will. That is what I really wanted, isn’t it?

102916 John Logan walk dogs.jpg
John and Logan walking Dolly and Abby

After lunch we suggested a nap. Logan was short of sleep, and so was I. I went to sleep and have no idea whether he slept or not. I’ll let you judge. Hearing car doors, I looked out and saw people carting suitcases into Logan’s house. It was almost exactly 24 hours after we got him from the school bus, and he was free to return home. I packed his bag while he hunted for his socks, and then he ran across the street. Picking up the pillow and blanket he had used, I found one other item in the recliner – a miniature Etch-a-Sketch.

17 thoughts on “Day 2, Watch Out!

  1. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! That game looks cool – like a cross between Chinese Checkers and something else I barely remember from my childhood – was it called Hi-Lo, maybe? The board was cross-shaped and it involved pieces jumping over each other to get to the opposite side, thereby changing places with the opponent. Something like that! I love those games! Wish I had a grandson/-daughter to play them with. Mind you, I do have a granddog and three grandcats. But they can’t play board games!


    1. The object of the game is to get five pegs in a row, either in a straight line or diagonally. It’s very simple, and that’s why I can play it. You would be a formidable opponent. Too bad you can’t teach your four-footed friends to play. Bet I’d be able to lick them!

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      1. BINGO! 😂😁😜 Not so sure about my formidableness (is that even a word? I think not!) BTW one of the dogs in your pic looks like my son’s – she’s a shih-poo! So cute! I love their curly fluffiness. I love dogs but I like cats too and have one mainly due to laziness. Not too keen on walking a doggie in an early-morning winter blizzard! (I live in an apartment.)

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    1. I should be in bed right now, because we have to go to the early service tomorrow. Oh, well. I’ll take an uninterrupted nap tomorrow, as if you could plan such a thing. Do you ever miss sleep because you want to write something?

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  2. It sounds like he has a very inquiring mind but I hope he takes to books as easily as the TV. It’s good that he’s happy interacting over board games and developing new skills there. Truly , it sounds like he fits right in there.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. We all share a concern about too much TV. Logan is limited at home and here. I’m not sure of his reading level, but I know he is doing grade 3 work in grade 1. He was riding a two-wheeled bicycle at age 4 with no training wheels. We’re not prejudiced, no, not at all!!!!!


    1. We’ve always had great neighbors, but the people here seem extra special. I used to write about neighbor Amy. She moved away last June, leaving a big hole. Pleasant people bought her house, but we have been with them only two or three times so far. I keep telling myself to have patience.

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  3. You make me feel like a distant Uncle enjoying the growth of Logan. You also awaken the past, much like 50’s and 60’s music. Work on the game of Cribbage, I first learned that one at about the same age. Feeling like family up here on the Delmarva.

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    1. Great, Lee!!!! Welcome to our extended family! My best friend’s uncle played Cribbage, but I never learned it. My son and grandsons have plaged backgammon the last couple of years. Did you ever play that?


  4. I’ve never played your peg game…it looks fun. I did however grow up playing cribbage. We were a small family but still managed to have cribbage tournaments every holiday. My grandfather was nearly always the champion…he taught us all very well!


      1. My grandfather was so very German and so very stoic and took his cribbage very serious. It was one of our greatest honors to play with him. He confessed to me before his passing that he enjoyed it more than he ever let on, the joy was truly his!

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