Solitary Walk and a Daring Statement

I noticed and wrote about four items on the daily walk, but I didn’t think solitary day two would be as good. That has happened before. As I mentioned in a reply, John and I talk the walk, chatting most of the time we are walking. When I talk or listen, it’s as if my eyes are blocked. John had a play date at the train club, so I was walking alone for several days. Sure enough, I did not notice much to write about on the second day.

Here are my observations:

I saw two honeysuckle blooms that will be frozen to death in 24 hours, and I spotted a dead blue glove on a driveway. The nearest mailbox to that driveway had a rubber band to hold the door shut, and the band has snapped.

That’s it. I had my hand ready to grab the little toy camera. There were any number of beautiful scenes, but each time I thought of taking a photo, I took off my brain filter. That filter sees the sun lighting up a mountain or notices a beautiful cloud formation while erasing poles, power lines, and unsightly debris. I know people Photo Shop those things out, but I’m not one of those.

Maybe because I had nothing interesting to write about, I found words coming out of my mouth that I never expected to hear. Neighbor Dawn stopped her car to speak to me as she drove to her volunteer job. She was urging me to get out and enjoy the outdoors, because colder temps are coming tonight. I grinned foolishly and said, “I am a writer.”

There! I said it! Always before, I danced around the subject by saying I like to write or I spend a lot of time writing. This time the bold statement hung in the air, unchallenged. I am not an author, one paid for written work, but I am a writer.

111416 Barer trees.jpg
View from the deck, the scene I see while writing  Shadow of the big oak covers the yard.
111416 Denuded oak.jpg
Leaves of the old oak have settled on the ground

22 thoughts on “Solitary Walk and a Daring Statement

  1. Anne, I got goosebumps of peace taking in that gorgeous view off your deck. You are SO blessed. I hope you never tire of what you have over there. Hugs. 🙂

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  2. “I grinned foolishly and said, “I am a writer.” – About time you realized that! 😉 You’ve always been one of my favorite writers. An inspiration.

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  3. Heck yeah! Way to be bold, writer! I absolutely love it!!

    Is that the same rubber band that was holding the mailbox closed in a previous post? And the dead blue glove? That has mystery written all over it!

    See, it was a productive day #2!!

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    1. You are sharp, very sharp! Yes, the rubber band was featured in a previous post. The glove was either a child’s size or one of those tiny one-size-fits-all. I didn’t bend down to inspect it, but I suspect it had been run over, thus the term “dead glove”. This was my one full day alone, and I was going to wallow in it. Half the day was spent doing the monthly backup of the computer files. I must not complain, because I would be sorry if I lost posts or photos that couldn’t be replaced. I found I hadn’t set the backup program correctly, but it is right now.

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  4. Your view is beautiful. I love the oak tree. I have always known you were a writer :)!
    I have not yet said that about myself. I grinned when I read that you used to say you liked to write or spend time writing…..those are the lines I use!


    1. I talked to the oak tree when I cut the ivy from it. I should go back and see if it has anything to say.

      If we used the same lines, that could make us writing sisters! I haven’t looked to see if I can tell how long you’ve been blogging. My blog has been up about a year and a half, but I began writing regularly to a group of people in 1980. Email certainly made things easier!

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      1. I started this past February. My kids had been telling me for a long time I should start a blog….then one afternoon my daughter-in-law was sitting at her Mac and I asked what she was doing. She told me she was setting up my blog….so I became a blogger :).
        I think the thing I like the best is all the people God is introducing to me through doing this.

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    2. God bless your daughter-in-law! Please tell her thanks from me for getting you to blog. I agree with you that it’s marvelous the people God is bringing us in contact with. My niece works for WordPress, and she is the one who got mine going. She was invaluable when I needed help in the beginning.

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      1. I still ask my daughter in law questions. I call her the web guru as she has her own company and builds websites for others.
        It also helps to not be afraid to push the various buttons on the tool bar LOL. (that is when I have to call her to “fix” something I cannot figure out how to undo.) I am so grateful for kids who know these things!


    3. I had to go back to a previous comment to reply to you. Wonder why they are stingy with reply buttons??? You were talking about your daughter-in-law being a computer guru. We all need one. When I first went back to work, PCs were just coming into offices. Someone was being comforting and assured me you couldn’t break a computer from the keyboard. I did. I changed a setting and forgot what I did, and I had to take the machine to the repair shop. I’ve had a healthy respect for settings ever since.

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      1. LOL If it is a setting I have no clue about I usually ask the techy children and friends before toying with it. Maybe we have to make a list of what we do so we can tell the repairmen how we got to that point?


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