First Frost

The temperature was right at the freezing mark when I got up. About half an hour later there was enough light for me to see visible proof of frost on the railing. There was a slight crunch underfoot as I stepped onto the deck.

110516 Frost on the deck rail.jpg

I’m not good at reading rabbits. Are you? I wonder if the one I saw on the road had been shot. There were red bits around it, but I think they were undigested berries rather than frozen drops of blood. I’ll bet son John $ and grandson Nathaniel are glad they aren’t here for me to ask if one would like to skin the animal and the other to prepare Hasenpfeffer.

110516 Rabbit on the road.jpg

When I climbed the steep hill on the way home, the sun was just about to peek above the mountain. Sunrise was officially at 7:58 according to computer weather, and it was probably an hour later than that. Have you ever wondered how sunrise is calculated? I looked it up and almost immediately flipped off the page before math hysteria could set in. If you’d like to see the equation, hold onto your chair and click here.

12 thoughts on “First Frost

  1. Wow. Those pix sure look like November all right – barren and grey. About the bunny, and your theory of undigested berries, I have just one question: So why is it dead? Maybe the berries were poisonous. Hmm…

    Looked up the sunrise calculator and I have just one comment: ARGHHH! Heh WAY too much like school! No wait, *worse* than school! 😀

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    1. I like the way you read the rabbit. I felt sorry for him. We’ve had some cute ones hopping about the neighborhood all summer. As to the formula for sunrise, I couldn’t agree with you more. Take heart. The sun is more reliable than our math skills!

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  2. I took the rubbish out at 5.30 am and it was bitter this morning and strangely enough I was able to tell it wasn’t sunrise without the use of that splendid equation. In used an equally good one which is Sunrise = dark diminished by light.That was at least another hour in coming much to the disgust of Joey who knew I was about.
    The rabbit looks like it may have been caught a glancing hit by a passing vehicle. Perhaps enough to open a split in the gullet before the food is digested.We shall have to call you Miss Marple from now on Anne.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. Poor bunny! Hard to tell, could have been a coyote or maybe he was shot. I’d rather sunrise stay a mystery, never was any good at math, lol!


    1. My son has heard coyates near the house, so you may be onto something. John wondered if a dog got the rabbit. As for the time of sunrise, I’m going to leave it to the computer app. We don’t go out to walk until we think drivers can see us on the road, and that often depends on clouds and fog. Practically speaking, sunrise is an iffy thing.

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  4. Someone once tried to explain to me why the number of minutes of daylight doesn’t change in a linear way across the year. I quickly got very lost and couldn’t follow the explanation. After I clicked on the link you provided, I better understand why I got so confused (though I still don’t understand how sunrise is calculated). 🙂


  5. That sunrise business……so glad I am out of school. Just looking at it makes my head hurt. I was always of the opinion that numbers, symbols and alphabet letters should not co-mingle….it just gets too confusing.


  6. Even for a frosty November, that post had color (so did the sunrise graph). I figure, the sun comes up, it goes down…good enough for me! Here in this part of the world first light is 6:28 am and sunrise is 6:55 am. I suppose since there is a hill to my east, I would have to recalculate all that…nah, it rises, it sets!


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