A Superlative Day, Relatively Speaking

We saw Manhattan coming and going. Driving from Pennsylvania, we saw the west side from New Jersey.

111116 Manhattan from the west.JPG

We had lunch out with daughter Kate and Michael, celebrating her Veteran’s Day birthday. Michael made a cake himself and put it together with real whipped cream and strawberries. Impressive! It was a most enjoyable visit.

111116 Michael cuts Kate's cake.JPG

Michael mentioned his handyman hair cutting tool and had Kate model it. She holds it as he cuts her hair evenly.  In her other hand are the beaters Michael used to whip the cream.

111116 Kate shows handyman's hair cutting guide.JPG

From New Jersey, we went across the Tappan Zee bridge to cross the Hudson River and down to Westchester County to pick up grandson David. He was waiting for us in front of his dorm. I tried a photo of the east side of Manhattan from the car as we streaked out to Long Island to see grandson Nathaniel.

111116 Manhattan from the east.JPG

We had pizza from our favorite place that was close to our old home. Wanting to visit without interruption, we ate in the car at the harbor where I used to walk every morning.

111116 Stony Brook harbor.JPG

111116 David Nathaniel.JPG
David and Nate before eating pizza in the car

David and I chatted all the way to and from Long Island, so it was Nathaniel’s time to talk. We loved hearing about the things he has done in cooking class and admired his cake. He did what you see except for the flowers that his teacher made.

102916 Nathaniel baked a cake at school.jpeg

After two hours with Nathaniel, we took him home and headed back to the college. I wanted to know what David was doing in his accounting course. He said I wouldn’t want to know, but of course, I did. They are setting up books using 13-column sheets. Real sheets of paper? Yes. I said in the accounting office where I worked, they got rid of them years ago, switching to computer spreadsheets. They don’t have computers in that class. One thing is for sure, he will really appreciate getting back to computer work after that.

There was a new low in our motel – do-it-yourself toilet paper. John saw a plastic thing in the sink and didn’t immediately recognize it as the TP holder. Thank heavens we found a new roll in the bathroom and put the two together.

15 thoughts on “A Superlative Day, Relatively Speaking

  1. What a clever catchy title! How marvelous, how marvelous! How nice to see your daughter and her husband. I had not been introduced to them yet! I’m super glad to meet them! And how wonderful to have your grandsons back together again! They already look older than when we saw them last! You’ve got a good looking bunch!

    Ps…glad your got the TP thing all straightened out. Whew!

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  2. Anne,
    I loved reading about your interesting, traveling life. It gives me a quick geography lesson but with a few life lessons thrown in and a good dollop of home grown humor.


  3. Great photos! What kind of camera are you using? Love the Manhattan skyline way in the distance. Makes me think of my son (he lives in Brooklyn, in “DUMBO”). Lovely pix of the kids…and cakes!! 😀


    1. Thanks, Ellie. I’m using a Nikon Coolpix S01. It is tiny and generally stays in my pocket. It’s fairly evident that photos are a means to an end for me. They are illustrations. I wish I were a careful photographer, but I’m not. Do you take many pictures?

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    2. I’m not sure I’d call my device a real camera. It is tiny, and I call it the toy camera. I’ll bet the resolution of your photos is better than mine. I like being able to choose the size of the file, because I can’t control the huge files generated by the phone. The flash is not strong, but it is better than no flash from the phone. I’m very happy with it.


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