Writer’s Paradise

What a fabulous thing it was to spend a couple of hours with one of my writing idols! I don’t remember how I found her blog, but I followed her soon after I began blogging. We were similar in a number of ways. Our differences intrigued me. I found Dor to be a gifted writer with a sense of humor, and you can’t beat that in my book. Each time we passed her town on our way to New York, I wondered what it would be like to meet her in person. I had a hunch our husbands would get along. Bill grew up in the Bronx, and John was born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, and went to high school in the Bronx. They would talk the same language, wouldn’t they? My hunch turned into lunch.

We arranged to meet for lunch in the historic town, which was easy to coordinate with texting. Recognition was a cinch, since we’d seen each other’s photos many times. It was delightful to relax and enjoy chatting in a quiet restaurant. If you have a chance, visit her blog here, and you’ll know why I enjoy her so much.

111016 Dor Bill Reulein.JPG

On the way out of town, we drove by VMI, Virginia Military Institute. That, too, I had noticed on highway signs and longed to see. I finally got there, Tom and John (alums)! It was most impressive, although my photo from the car doesn’t do the place justice. I loved seeing the handsome cadets filing out of a building as classes let out.

111016 VMI from the car.JPG

The weather was gorgeous. We were pleased to note that trees became more colorful the longer we drove. Our mountain trees are past prime, because of the warmth and drought. I finished writing in the car, under the light of an almost-full moon.


11 thoughts on “Writer’s Paradise

  1. I was so surprised to see that you guys had a chance to meet each other! That is so cool-I think it would be awesome to meet my fellow bloggers, alas, I live in Texas and most people I follow seem to be up north or on the east coast! Congrats on a dream come true!

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  2. Great pictures, Anne, and what a wonderful treat for you. I am sure you had much to talk about. I am happy for you. 🙂


  3. Many thanks for this post Anne! We loved meeting you and John and you have inspired me to begin blogging again after a self enforced lull. We ran into the VMI cadets last night as they were celebrating the birthday of the Marine Corps. Maybe that will be the re-starter story. Thanks again and it is a pleasure to know you and to know my judgement about the goodness of fellow bloggers is “right on.”


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