Struck by a Rainbow

I was closing my computer to go walking with John when I looked outside and was struck by a rainbow. Obviously, it didn’t hit me, but it did get my complete attention. We watched for a while as the sun shone on the mountain. At dawn there were heavy gray clouds moving steadily, brighter clouds above, and blue sky peeking through. We walked up the street, turning every few seconds to see what was happening. The rainbow was thicker and more intense than any I’d ever seen before. The little toy camera did its best to capture the scene. It recorded the rainbow, as well as our tan house. After ten more steps, we turned to find the rainbow had disappeared. What a beautiful start to the day!

111916 Rainbow and our house.jpg

19 thoughts on “Struck by a Rainbow

  1. Wow! Just beautiful!
    By the way, you might want to fix a typo that crept in there. You wrote “sun shown on the mountain” but I think you meant that it “shone” on the mountain. Sorry! I can’t… turn… it off… Once a proofreader, always a proofreader! It’s a curse! 😀


    1. Many thanks, Ellie. I missed that. Wasn’t even aware of it! Please always tell me if you spot something. I know my language skills are slipping, and I have no one to blame. If you are watching out for me, I’ll breathe easier.

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    1. Thank you for the prayers. When we returned home Tuesday, the air was rather thick with smoke. Although the fires were still raging, the air cleared the next day. All of western NC is in a drought, so the danger of fire is high. We haven’t seen a tally of the homes that burned. Maybe there aren’t too many.

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