The Reluctant Guest

The turkey and leftover sides were put away, so Thanksgiving came to an end. The end of the big meal was the only dish I photographed. It’s John’s favorite cranberry mince pie. I wish I’d taken a picture of Connie’s pumpkin roll, which was as delicious as it was pretty.

112416 Cranberry mince pie.jpg

If I write one more paragraph about what a wonderful visit we had with family and friends, you’re going to think that’s all I can write about. I’ll tell about the reluctant guest in a minute. Here are two photos to show both sides of the table. John was included twice, because he needed double exposure to compensate for being slightly out of focus.

112416 Thanksgiving $ Lise Chris John.JPG
John $, Lise, Chris, and John
112416 Thanksgiving John Marla Connie Dave.JPG
John, Marla, Connie, and Dave

We particularly enjoyed hearing Marla tell about flying airplanes and working with bicycles. I wanted to know what narrow escapes she might have had on two wheels. She told about riding on the shoulder of the road when a car slowed beside her. The thugs shouted for her to get off the road. The passenger flung his door open against her bike, which catapulted her into the ditch. All of her other tales had happy endings.

The reluctant guest was in something of a brown funk. He did not enter into the general conversation other than to bark at Marla and Dave. They made the best of it and didn’t retaliate. This fellow tended to be a bit underfoot, although he didn’t interfere with my serving. Unlike our other guests, he ate nothing but turkey. He was a bit antsy too, insisting on going outside several times for short walks. Lise , Marla, and Chris went with him to get a bit of fresh air. He managed to stay through dessert and was obviously eager to leave when the meal was over.

112516 Albert.JPG
Albert, the reluctant guest

Isn’t Albert, our reluctant guest, a cutie? After closing the bedroom doors, we let him have the run of the house. When he stretched out on the floor after dinner, we thought he was settling in. It didn’t last long, so Marla, now the reluctant one, took him home. We were happy that Connie and Dave could stay to visit.

Toward the end of the evening, we found out that Dennis (18) was visiting across the street and would spend the night with us. He hadn’t expected to stay and had nothing with him. He and I remembered the camo nightwear he found here when David and Nathaniel were here. It was still in David’s room, so he didn’t have to sleep in his clothes. I had gone to bed when Dennis came back to the kitchen where Lise and Chris were watching a video. From the edge of the door he said, “You can’t see me.”

Lise could see him and wondered why on earth he said that. He stepped into full view, saying, “I’m wearing camouflage, and that’s why you can’t see me.” They laughed, and all three watched the video about rednecks. It included a bit about Popcorn Sutton, the famous maker of moonshine that lived a few miles from our house. Lise said there was also a good section on railroads.

Logan and his niece Lily came to fetch Dennis the next morning. They jumped into a game of checkers before going back across the street.

112516 Logan Lily Dennis.JPG
Logan, Lily, and Dennis

What meal do you have the day after the Thanksgiving feast? We ate at a Mexican restaurant in Maggie Valley, one that $ and I had been to twice before.

112516 Mexican restaurant John $ Chris Lise.JPG
Mexican restaurant — John, $, Chris, and Lise

Chris, $, and I enjoyed a spicy meal, but we found bland dishes for Lise and John. Everyone lived happily ever after, as far as I know.

14 thoughts on “The Reluctant Guest

  1. Albert is a cute dog!! He totally deserves the turkey he received LOL.
    You did so much better with taking pictures of the food and people than I did. I got to caught up in visiting and did not remember to take pictures till they were ready to head outside to shoot some clays.
    Love reading about how much you enjoy being with family and friends!

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    1. You may not have taken as many photos as I did, but you wrote a post of warmth and love. While we were walking this morning, I told John, Chris, and Lise about the rabbit clays which amused them. Chris is English, and shooting is not a part of his culture. He is over the ocean right now, flying home. Our son went to his own place, and we have only Lise left. Sometimes I forget to take pictures, but it helps that I keep the toy camera in my pocket.

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      1. My sister, who is also named Marla, took a gal she has been mentoring along. This gal grew up in a city where guns were used viciously against people. She had no idea someone could shoot clays for fun. She had also never really been on a farm so that was fun. She learned and we learned.


    2. What an eye-opener to have a guest who had never been on a farm! My dad, in his 60s, shot 200 straight hits one time. He was a legend in the shooting club, because he often got 50 straight. I have never shot a gun myself.

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    1. I think the recipe for cranberry mince pie was in a Betty Crocker cookbook. It became a tradition after the first year I served it, probably in the early 70s. We suspect any kind of mincemeat pie is dated. Maybe it will make a comeback one of these years.

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