Busting Dust and Blackballed in the Bathroom

I had not paid attention to the dust bunnies gathering in the bathroom. They evidently had time to plan a national convention there while I was enjoying company. After Karen left, I happened to flick my towel so that several of the bunnies hopped across the room. Impressive as that was, I got out the dust buster and did what I had to do.

The very next day I found thousands of small black balls of lint on the rug and marching around the waste basket. Where on earth did they come from? You’d think they had the walls of Jericho in sight. For those of you who love to read mysteries, what clues should I have noticed? Human hair (mine) was not part of the mix. The black balls did resemble sheddings from John’s sweats, somewhat like those scattered about the bedroom and his office. His dirty clothes were there in the closet waiting for me to add mine and walk them to the laundry room, but they weren’t throwing off lint. I’m thinking some gremlin turned his pockets inside out and enjoyed a black snowstorm. Housework is one thing, but doing the same weekly job two days in a row is beyond tedium. If I had been properly tuned, I would have turned tedium into Te Deum, we praise thee, O Lord.

21 thoughts on “Busting Dust and Blackballed in the Bathroom

  1. My dad always jokes about dust bunnies and would tell my mom that “someone was coming or going under the bed.” It is really hard to sweep those wispy floaty bunnies up. They kind of fluff everywhere but where you want them to go.


    1. My eyesight is going, so I don’t know that I got them all. I won’t be aware of them ganging up to attack me, either, since my hearing isn’t the best. I’m thinking old age is prime time for ignoring things you are not aware of.

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      1. I understand. I can only focus for so long before my vision begins to blur, so I understand. I’m glad I’m not married to hubby #1, he used to do the white glove thing on me. He was tall and I was short, so I’d miss things high up. So depressing. I lived on needles and pins then. LOL

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  2. Cute story! Right before Christmas, I gave the house a deep cleaning because my mother-in-law was coming for a visit. I found a dust bunny village in one of the guest rooms along with lots of loose change and boxes of old birthday cards. 🙂


  3. I have an idea because this has happened at my home. Have you recently bought new towels? I once bought jewel-tone towels…expensive they were…I usually buy inexpensive…splurged…wished I hadn’t…new fluffy beautiful towels shed little balls of color all over my bathroom until I finally decided they were banished to the basement as mop-up towels. Now I only buy inexpensive towels, in very light colors. 😀


    1. Excellent advice! Thank you. My second name is Miser Me, so I doubt towels are to blame here. I needed to clean several days before the bunnies popped up and skittered across the floor. They had a good flight, so I think they died happy.


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