The Slow Cane Rests Again

Neighbor Shawn recovered from both her total knee replacements quickly and returned the cane I had loaned her. It had been my dress-up cane in 2012, the one I bought when I thought I’d never walk normally again. I never gave it a strenuous workout. Shawn probably didn’t either, since she had a fast recovery. As I was leaving her house, she searched behind some coats and handed it to me with pretty words of thanks. With such a send-off, the cane seemed to come to life and wanted to be useful. Why not? It was a short walk across the street. I had to decide which hand to use. For those who have never used a cane, you need to know that a cane should be opposite the leg that needs support. In my case, the right leg is not as strong as the left, so I put the cane in my left hand.

Their wide, shallow steps were user friendly last week – with the cane, not so much. To avoid falling, I held it up on the last two steps. On level ground, or as level as you have in the mountains, I strode off down the stone-paved walkway. The cane seemed to lag behind. Once on the street and my driveway, it must have put on the brakes. What a stubborn little cuss it was! For some reason it deigned to help me up the stairs into the house, but I quickly propped it against a table and turned the camera on it. After that I stowed it in the umbrella stand before it could reach out and do damage. Maybe in a week I’ll pet it to show it a little love and kindness.

020717 Slow cane.jpg

Here in the mountains, it’s good to be alert at sunrise and sunset. The sky can change in an instant, and you don’t have much time to record it before it is gone again. I stood and watched the one below for a minute or so before the sun moved on. I moved, too, walking to the creek in 58 degree weather. The wind would have done March proud. It was both gusty and gutsy.

020717 Fiery clouds at sunrise.jpg

25 thoughts on “The Slow Cane Rests Again

  1. I did not know how a cane should be used (opposite side… so counter-intuitive) So thanks for that!
    BTW, anyone using the word “deign” correctly spelled in a sentence deserves a BRAVO!!! 😀
    Lovely pic, captures the chilliness, pretty sky!

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  2. That is really a pretty cane! My husband learned the proper use of a cane last August when he had a hip replaced. Tonite we are sitting in the hospital once again as he has had the second one done. All is going splendidly! I have a feeling he will have to learn to use his left hand cane skills.

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    1. Please give my best wishes to Lar for a speedy recovery. I’ll bet it will feel strange the first time he uses a cane this time, but that will pass quickly. I hope the hospital is not far from your home and that you don’t have messy weather until he is back home. My prayers are with you both.

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    1. Every once in a while, my eyes seem drawn to the display of canes in drugstores. There are such pretty ones there. I give thanks each time that I don’t need one. Does your mother forget her cane? I can almost guarantee that when she can’t walk without it, she’ll never forget it. The one in the photo was bought on line at a reasonable price at the time. Do you have a contact number on the cane? I never did that. Good luck to your mom.

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  3. Love your cane post. Sometimes even for those who have the use of both their knees, a cane is a good support. I am suddenly thinking of the Pilgrims Progress and a group of pilgrims walking towards their destination, canes and bags on their shoulders. I am glad you relegated your cane to your umbrella stand and may it live there long.
    When my parents planned to go on their Holy Land Tour, which is a pilgrimage of sorts, I was looking for a cane to get them. I couldn’t find one here and their trip went well, even without canes. There is a lot of walking to do on these tours.


  4. Must be a Senior Living stick thing as I have one also. Had a Knee repaired a year ago, tweaks every now and then after stepping in a chicken scratch hole. It’s stored in the back of my car, ever ready. “Walk softly and carry a big stick,” I say.


    1. My two canes are just hanging around, since they are a bit arcane at the moment. I missed a few of your posts and can’t understand why. On screen, it shows I’m following you. I must remember to check from time to time.


  5. It is counterintuitive the way you use a cane. My sis-in-law uses one with 4 feet. She needs more balance than the one-footers. Isn’t it funny how some folks rebound from knee replacement surgery and others don’t. You neighbor was one of the lucky ones. Beautiful sky!


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