Celebrating Snow

We don’t get much snow in North Carolina, so we celebrate it when we do. Even though there was snow in the forecast, pessimistic me didn’t think it would materialize. I was excited to find the ground white when I woke up, so we took our walk to the creek. Perhaps it wouldn’t even be considered a flurry, but snow meandered down that full hour. It was doing its best, despite blue skies nudging it. The photo shows our view as we headed up the street. We wondered if Logan would have school, and his family car driving by told us he was.

020917  Snowing at dawn.jpg

The ones not going to classes were grandsons David and Nathaniel in New York. David is north of the city, and Nathaniel is on Long Island. Both responded to my tentative texts. I didn’t want to wake them and figured they could sleep through a text notification. Both knew when they went to sleep last night (OK, maybe in the wee hours of this morning) that school was canceled for the blizzard today.

I laughed at the messages between David and me. It’s much quicker to dictate a text than tap it out, but our phones don’t always understand us.

I spoke, and the phone wrote, “We walked to the creek and head in Maryland for breakfast.”

What? I was telling him we ate Egg MacMehrling. That’s a takeoff of a McDonald meal, putting an egg, cheese, and bacon on an English muffin.

My phone recorded, “I slept off the deck…”

Was I asleep when hanging off the deck?? No, I swept it.

I wrote that I loved him, and David’s phone said, “I love you kits too.”

That would have been appropriate for some of my family and friends who have cats. Kits should have been lots.

I haven’t heard back from daughter Kate in New Jersey. We hope none of our northern friends lose power in the storm.

The photo below was taken exactly four years ago, showing John shoveling after Nate’s blizzard. That was the year we had about 31 inches of snow on Nathaniel’s birthday. The boy admitted to praying for snow, so John accused him ever after of praying for an inch, but doing it 31 times. We had fun being snowbound with our grandson. As it turned out, he might have been better off at his home. His dad lost power for an hour or so, but nothing like the eight days we were marooned in a cold house. Our memories are warm, even if the event was cold.

020913 JC shoveling.jpg
John shovels snow after the blizzard of 2013

34 thoughts on “Celebrating Snow

  1. Your blizzard of 2013 – here in Canada would be called: a “light dusting.”
    😀 😀 😀
    Just kidding! For the south, that’s a terrible lotta snow!
    BTW your “Egg MacMehrling” – funny, and sounds delish!

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    1. The blizzard of 2013 was the deepest snow I experienced in my life. I had a fresh appreciation for folks who endure such things on a yearly basis. We enjoyed it, although we were more than ready for the power to return. The temperature in the house was in the low 50s, as I recall. Brrr!


      1. Yeah, that’s when a wood stove would come in handy, huh? Not that I have one. (Since I live in an apartment, I think it might be frowned upon by the neighbours, not to mention the owner! haha!)

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      2. We had a fireplace that burned wood, but it was’t terribly effective. A wood stove would have been better. When we were looking at homes to buy, I mentally nixed every house that had a fireplace that burned wood. John used to spend an inordinate amount of time splitting wood, and it was messy in the house. At the same time I was crossing off a house, he was putting a plus by any that had a fireplace. I am very, very happy with the gas fireplace in this house.


    1. John sent me a text when he was away a week or so ago. The written words made no sense, so I read them aloud over and over, hoping they would fall into place. I never did get it straight, but I knew it was not an emergency.

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  2. Was the 2013 blizzard in North Carolina? Wow! We got 5 inches overnight. Now it’s windy and drifting but the roads are clear and travel is good. Your cell phone sounds like my occasional autocorrect issues.


      1. We had 31″ last winter. We only had one snow and it was a doozy. When I was a kid I remember one that came to the bottom of the windows. We were out of school for almost a whole week and back then you rarely got off for weather.


  3. That reminds me of wonderful Colorado snow! Glad to know your family is safe and sound! I think Himself had to shut down somewhere in PA last night/early this morning. We’re cold todaybut headed to upper 70s for the weekend!


    1. Long Island didn’t get many blizzards while we lived there. I think our family members were enjoying the snow today. John’s sister was looking forward to skiing. She does cross country, so when there is enough snow, she skis to the dining hall several blocks away. She and her husband are retired but currently teaching one class each at a boarding prep school.


  4. Just spoke to son in CT, 20 miles south of Mass line, 18 inches and not due to stop until 1900. Sun out here, no snow, high winds, 35f. Do not miss the New England winters, year 29 here on the Eastern Shore, the sand between my toes feels good. Have a great day, Hi John if your back from the funeral.


    1. I’m glad you don’t miss the northern winters. I have to admit that John and I enjoy what little snow we get here. Struggling to get to work or get home from the office was not fun, and those were the things I dreaded. Now that we are retired, I could see us enjoying a good storm. I didn’t realize you had been in MD for 29 years. Wow! I’ll give John your greetings.


      1. My only Brain File that never gets mixed is the Uconn Woman’s basketball schedule. But then again it’s on the church calendar, Computer and iPhone. I’m even known to write notes to myself and place in front of the odometer in the car. Ninety nine in a row and counting, South Carolina #6 in recent poll.

        Now, if I could be as knowledgeable when Mary Agnes sends me off to the grocery store I’d stand in great stead.

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