Quick Visit East of the Mountains

We drove about three hours to visit brother Bob, wife Beth, and daughter Julie. We made a quick visit to Costco, that being the closest one in North Carolina to us. We didn’t have a list, so we were going to walk through the huge store and pick up whatever we saw that we needed. You wouldn’t believe how quickly they marched through that place. They all have longer legs and bigger strides than I do, so I didn’t have time to begin to want anything before they jumped in the checkout line! I was too out of breath to complain. If I didn’t know better, I’d think John planned it to save money.

Because of Julie’s work schedule, Beth cooked dinner for us so we that could relax and eat together. For someone who doesn’t particularly like to cook, Beth puts a marvelous meal on the table. We enjoyed that and each other until bedtime. I didn’t think of getting a family photo at that time.

The next day Bob and I had a chance to play together, he on the French horn and I on the piano. He plays trombone with three groups in town, but he has been learning the horn for a year or so. John and I were amazed at how good he sounds now. I was most impressed that he picked out hymns to play and transposed them in his head. I couldn’t transpose up or down one step on the piano.

John and Bob loaded an heirloom china cabinet into the van, and we ate at a local barbecue place that they think is the best in their area. We don’t know what the others are like, but this one was superb. Julie wasn’t able to join us, so I missed catching her with the toy camera.

021117 JC Beth Bob at BBQ place.JPG
John, Beth, and Bob at the BBQ restaurant

You might see from the photo that this restaurant was very casual, as are all authentic barbecue places. The food was served in a plastic basket lined with paper. We were given cutlery wrapped in a paper napkin, but that wouldn’t be enough for the messy meals they serve. A paper towel holder was installed at every table with a holder above for the sauces. Bob and I needed the towels, but I think John and Beth were cleaner eaters.

20 thoughts on “Quick Visit East of the Mountains

  1. Nice family visit! I love BBQ too! There are just a handful of places here that purport to serve “southern” BBQ. Mmmm! But I’ll bet it’s *way* better in its original setting where you are. BTW I love that paper-towel roll idea! They never seem to provide enough paper napkins in restos here. The zipping through Costco made me think of me, today, as I zapped through my IGA supermarket. I know where every single thing is – as well I should, after 12 years of going to the same store every week or two. Nice pic of the folks at the table, except for the missing Anne of course!


    1. Even in the South, barbecue places are not all equal. We do have our favorites. We’ve gone to the same supermarket since we moved here two and a half years ago. Finding things was not a problem until they tore down the store and rebuilt it. Weeks have gone by, and all the shoppers are still searching for things.

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  2. Love your description of the family time and the love that resonates within your family. I wish I had that level of closeness with guests. Most of the time when guests come, I am thinking, why did they come? Why couldn’t they stay in their own places ? And its true. I am a poor hostess.
    I am glad you are of the old school.


    1. I love people, and I don’t mind cooking. Now, cleaning is another matter. Our guests would not come again if John didn’t do some excellent cleaning once in a while. I clean a bit, but I’d probably never notice that the blinds were getting terribly dusty. I wasn’t always relaxed with guests. I’d drive myself nuts trying to make everything perfect. Now I do the best I can with preparations and enjoy the people who come here. If I can change, you might, too.

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      1. I think I should try. I go into a panic mode when I hear some one is dropping in. For one I am not such a good cook and always worry if something does not turn out well. then I am worried if my cleanliness is not up to the mark and will draw comments from people – behind my back. And then the tiredness. I can’t begin to tell you, how tired I get cooking and cleaning and standing up on two legs. I guess it all comes down to being lazy and not a very good person at heart.


    2. I tell people right off that I’m not a good housekeeper. Takes the pressure off me, at least! I am at ease in the kitchen, but mistakes happen to even the best of cooks. A neighbor told me she prepares for the guests that are coming. If she knows they eat everything, she doesn’t worry about the food. If they are sloppy housekeepers, she doesn’t bother with extensive cleaning. She will clean a bit more for a neat freak. I don’t think you are lazy or uncaring, but having guests is daunting for you. Anything you can do to get over that would be great. Instead of worrying, I try to concentrate on serving and enjoying the people who are there. Of course, I have the order wrong. I start by praying about the people who are coming, asking God to let me be a good witness. If there is a crisis looming in the kitchen, I zing a prayer up. If I am tired to my toes, I ask for strength and grace. It takes practice.

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      1. Anne,
        What great advice from a grandparent to a grand daughter – I need to pray- yes, I need to pray. I have never prayed for my guests or their coming or our relationships or for harmony or peace or anything nice before guests arrive. No wonder I am like Martha in the Bible, always anxious about housework and burdens.
        Thank you, Anne.


  3. I’ve just had my breakfast so the talk of food doesn’t bother me Anne. I’m amazed how talented you all are musically. Have you considered a twitter account so I can introduce others to your blog posts? I’m afraid I won’t use Facebook.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. Thanks for thinking of me, David. Right now I’m swamped with WordPress and Facebook. It’s wonderful, but I have no free time anymore. How do you juggle things? You are breakfasted, and I’m going to bed. Hope you have a lovely Monday. Xxx sleepy hugs xxx


    1. I almost had whiplash from trying to see everything we were running past in Costco. It’s a wonder I didn’t mow someone down or bust up a big display. John doesn’t mind shopping. The only drawback is that he feels compelled to do it at 60 miles per hour.

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