A Strange Valentine

My intention was to bake something a day ahead for Valentine’s Day. Not wanting to start something I couldn’t finish, I waited for John to unload the china cabinet from the car so that I could go shopping. While I was waiting, I began to clean. I vacuumed our bedroom, swapped computer desks, organized some papers, and deflated the balance ball that slammed me ignominiously to the floor a few months ago. He was still sitting in his chair. I emptied the vacuum and vigorously used it on the two other bedroom carpets. The background information is that I loathe cleaning. It’s like erasing a blackboard. You get it clean, and there will be only a few moments before you or someone else messes it up. John hadn’t moved in his desk chair. I refilled the humidifiers and the fountain. If he had moved, I couldn’t tell. He didn’t seem to be dead. By this time, it was time to start lunch. After our meal together, I checked my email and took a half-hour nap. When I woke up, John was gone, having left a note that he would be back by 5:45. I saw that the cabinet had been moved into the living room. While I was snoozing, neighbor Bob helped John carry it into the house.

John, bless his heart, came back with a lovely plant and a helium balloon. He knew I preferred plants to cut flowers. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to my heart is with a balloon. Yes, John is a keeper.

021417 Balloon and plant.jpg

It turned out that I misunderstood what he said. He didn’t want that delicate piece of furniture to ride up to New York and back for his lightning trip at the end of the week, not that we shouldn’t use the car until he had unloaded it.

After his explanation, I said, β€œYou know I don’t like to clean the house, but that’s what I was doing while waiting for you. When you have a moment, you might tour the north wing to appreciate the clean carpets that are my Valentine to you. I’m fairly sure this would be more pleasing than a fancy card.”

By the look on his face, he might have quibbled with that. He enjoys commercial cards, whereas I generally have no use for them. I might need to rethink this card thing.

I started a coffeecake for John before noon, and it was finally ready at 6. I suspect the aroma lasted longer than the bread will.

021417 Coffeecake.jpg

29 thoughts on “A Strange Valentine

      1. Mmmm how nice! You guys sure know how to do things right!
        (BTW I’m just wondering if you really meant to “swap” the desks. Or did you mean “swab”? Inquiring minds wanna know! πŸ˜‰ )


  1. What a delightful day for both of you except for the cleaning part. My day was turned upside down early one but today is much better. No problem though, we celebrated VD last week when people didn’t clog up my favorite stores.


  2. You are a true friend who recognizes cleaning is just not in my nature. Wish I could clone you so I could have one of you, and your family could have the other.

    Hope your new phone will bring you lots of pleasure. Can it dust or do dishes?

    Your shrimp and grits sound(s) marvelous. I plan to serve andouille sausage on the side from now on. I love it, but not everyone does. Garlic would be good. I buy garlic every once in a while, but it usually goes bad because I don’t use it often enough. On the other hand, I probably go through several bushels of onions in a year. How long will it be until they tell us onions cause cancer?

    I’ll keep watching Victoria, mainly because I made a commitment to see it. This series does not come up to usual British standards.



  3. That made me chuckle – I also prefer a plant to cut flowers (my husband “threatened” to get some flowers this weekend, as he usually gets out of the office after shops are closed and couldn’t get any for Valentine’s Day), and I sent him an image of a plant I’d prefer. πŸ™‚ I’m also not big on commercial cards – most of them here (Switzerland) come from Germany, and I find their sense of humour unfunny – their cards are usually groan-worthy daft or sappy sweet (yech); in that, I prefer the British humour, but I’m perfectly fine without a card that I’ll feel guilty about tossing onto the old paper collection…


    1. I’m with you! I HATE throwing cards away, especially ones that I didn’t want to begin with. If I leave them in a pile, I feel like their eyes follow me about the room. They haunt me without being dead. Maybe we should rethink the guilt business. The card served its purpose, in that the giver was pleased to buy it and send it. It had nothing to do with us, so that should absolve us of guilt. I hope I remember that the next time the occasion arises. Happy card casting!

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      1. That “guilt” also applies to wedding pictures and baby announcement cards sent to us by friends! I have a photo board that I can clip them to for a while… they usually hang there for a year or so before I toss them – in the middle of the night, when the unsuspecting world is asleep. πŸ˜‰ haha!

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    2. I laughed that you toss photos in the middle of the night. Good solution. I’ve solved the photo problem for myself. It’s easy to scan them and put them with my own photos sorted by year and month. Tossing is guiltless. I had a problem with family members who kept putting pictures on the refrigerator. I was forever knocking some off trying to open the door. When we moved, I made a rule that Christmas photo cards could remain for one year only. There are five there currently, and no one gets thrown unceremoniously to the floor.

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      1. I’m actually more callous than that. πŸ˜‰ I don’t bother scanning, when I know I’ll probably never look at them again. Christmas cards go out when the decorations get taken down…


    1. You couldn’t see the best part of the coffeecake. It was filled with chocolate chips and pecans.

      You are right about our being related. I felt like you were a soul mate, but there must be a blood relationship, as well. Wonder how far back we’d have to go to find it.

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  4. I’d be delighted with a clean house as a gift! That would be an amazing sight to behold. Alas, I will not hold my breath!

    Sounds like it all turned out well for the both of you! Happy valentine’s!


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