Aromatic Dust Buster

As accidents go, this one was far overdue. I am more likely to make a mess in the kitchen than anywhere else, and I haven’t had a spectacular disaster in a long time. I was carrying a loaded coffee filter toward the brewer. How it jumped out of my hand, I’ll never know. Dry coffee exploded over the floor, with deep brown particles skittering everywhere. The dust buster cleaned it up within minutes. Now when I turn on the little machine for a quick pickup, residue of Dutch chocolate coffee perfumes the air around it. It was almost, ALMOST, enough to make me want to clean.

17 thoughts on “Aromatic Dust Buster

  1. Clean? Heavens no! Today I was carrying a ear of corn through the kitchen to through out for the squirrels. It slipped out of my hands and hit the floor. There were kernels everywhere! It did not make my kitchen smell better. I used a dust pan and brush. Old school.


    1. That’s appropriate for your area! I found a series of light tan bumps on our back splash and figured I’d raised the mixer too soon. Luckily, the bumps were too far away, and I couldn’t lick them to see what they began life as.

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  2. Eggs, without fail I lose more eggs to the kitchen floor or counter top or inside the fridge or down the front of the cabinets or inside the burners…if they hit the floor, Dog is allowed to help clean.


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