Chef on Holiday

Nathaniel joined us for our daily walk to the creek. He always gets up very early for school, so it wasn’t a stretch for him. It’s traditional for the toy camera to record the event, at least the first time of a particular visit. The fellows were bundled up, since the temperature was slightly below freezing when we set out.

022017 JC N at creek.jpg

After our grandson said he had made a Black Forest Cake at home, John hinted he wouldn’t mind if he made one at our house. I went in the kitchen with him to make sure he could find everything he needed. I said, “I’ll sit here and read the newspaper, so I’ll be close if you need anything. I know not to talk while people work in the kitchen.”

That’s when I found out the difference between a home cook and a chef. I can’t do two things at once, so if people talk to me while I’m cooking, everything comes to a halt until the conversation is over. Not so with Nathaniel. He said, “It doesn’t bother me if you talk. I work in a noisy kitchen all the time.”

Nate asked a question, and I was fine until I turned to reply. I burst out laughing, not being able to talk to someone who looked like he was wearing dangling earrings, swinging wildly. His phone was in the pocket of the apron because he was listening to music as he worked. I had permission to video a reenactment.

Lunch was a family affair. John started the charcoal fire, and Nathaniel cooked the meat while I cleaned off the table. This was the first time this year for us to eat on the screened porch. Usually we work up to it gradually, going outside and wearing heavy sweaters when it is really too chilly to be outside. We left the kitchen door open, because it was warmer outside than in. Despite the reality of the weather, Nathaniel will still be praying for snow.

022017 N JC eating on porch.jpg

17 thoughts on “Chef on Holiday

  1. Roll on the time your Black Forest Cake is ready. I had a BFG at the weekend with my Bruv only there was still a third left when he went home on Sunday. Needless to say it didn’t reach Monday.
    Have a Great week Anne.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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