Chef and the Black Forest Cake

Grandson Nathaniel’s vacation project was baking a Black Forest Cake. He had prepared one at home and agreed to do another for GP (the boys’ favorite text name for Grandpa). We watched, licked pans and bowls, and waited patiently for the ceremonial cutting.

He baked the layers on Monday, soaked the cherries on Tuesday, and put the finishing touches on the cake on Wednesday. Before you read any more, you need to know that he cleaned up all his utensils every time he was in the kitchen. Every time!

After the first layer was on the stand, he added cherries and the filling.

022217 1 First layer and filling.jpg

Next came the second layer with more cherries and filling.

022217 2 Second layer.jpg

Whipped cream frosting covered the whole cake.

022217 3 Frosting.jpg

The finishing touches included piped borders and miniature chocolate chips. What patience it took to place every chip where he wanted it!

022217 4 N poses with cake.jpg

022217 5 Black Forest Cake.jpg

The toy camera was still in my hand when Nathaniel took his own photos of the finished product.

022217 6 Chef takes official photo.jpg

And the taste? Simply marvelous! A sharper knife would have cut cleaner slices, but at that point we didn’t care what it looked like. We wallowed in chocolate, cream, and drunken cherries. Hail to the chef!!!

022217 7 Black Forest Cake.jpg

31 thoughts on “Chef and the Black Forest Cake

  1. OMG! I bet you are one proud GM. So cool and yes the look on his face is priceless. What an experience. A huggable moment for sure. I can feel the joy all the way around. Thank you for sharing this with us and like DP, I’m expecting my slice in the mail at any moment, right?


  2. It has been years and years since I have had Black Forest Cake. When I was in high school (waaaaay back when) our second language class was German. We always held a German banquet complete with German foods. Black Forest Cake was always the dessert… was delicious.
    And yes…I am with the others….will watch my mailbox for that piece of cake lol.


  3. Amazing! What a talented kid. We were both so impressed. Too bad we couldn’t taste it! It sure looked good.


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