Thank You

To all of you who follow me, thank you. It makes my day to know you’ve read a post and liked or commented on it.

To those bloggers I follow, thank you for your patience. Over the last several weeks I gradually realized I hadn’t heard from some who had been posting regularly. When one commented on something of mine, I saw there were published posts I had not seen. That was strange. Why had I not been notified via email? That’s when I discovered about 20 of you had become disengaged. I don’t know how that happened, because I had not yet found the manage area of Reader. I think I am now reconnected and look forward to reading and responding to your posts again.

Following was my solution to the problem:

At the top left of my blog, I clicked Reader and then Manage. The bloggers I follow appeared. Clicking on the arrow to the left of the first one, I saw “Emails for new posts”. On the right side of the page, the button was set to off. No wonder I hadn’t been getting notifications! I went through the whole list, checking each name and clicking the offs to ons. Some people who were blocked were recent additions, and others were ones I had followed for a year or two.

25 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. The removal of post delivery is a bad habit of WordPress. I was told it was because they limit the amount you can be notified of, but I’m not sure I believe that.
    Hope you’re both well Anne,
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Happens to me occasionally. Yesterday I went through my reader (which I do about once every year or two) and had the sad moment where I noticed that some of my favs haven’t posted in years. I had to click on their blog to be certain that it wasn’t a WP glitch. There are some bloggers I would miss right away because they post frequently and others that take a while until I realize I haven’t seen anything from them. WP is annoying sometimes but I love the ease of posting and you can’t beat free.


  3. Back in the day there were songs about undelivered mail by the Marvellettes, “Please Mr. Postman,” and the Inkspots “Address Unknown.” Where is that mail we ask, up in the smoke of your Mountains? Have a great day and Hi to John from the chilly, once again, Eastern Shore.


    1. Welcome to the club, Debi!!! I learned tons of things by taking Blogging 101. It’s free here on WordPress, and you can go at your own speed. I tried to keep up with all the writing assignments and put a lot of pressure on myself. If you didn’t have time for that, you could read the bits about changing your site.

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    1. Do you go to your Reader directly? I wish I’d done that when I found people’s names unchecked. I wonder if their posts were there. I must look at the reader again. The last time I did, I thought there was a lot of extraneous stuff there that I didn’t want to see. Maybe you are doing something other than that. What do you start with? After all this time blogging, you must have a regular routine. I need to learn from an expert!


    1. I’m sure I would have noticed if you had been missing from my lineup. I was busy at the time and simply didn’t realize I hadn’t heard from a number of people. I’ve gotten comfortable with the posting process and need to remember to keep learning.


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