David on the Move

Grandson David had been here less than 24 hours when neighbor Logan came over to play. Going outside to kick around a soccer ball was good for both young men. Logan always has excess energy, and David had sat for hours on the long trip down from New York.

030517 Logan D with soccer ball.jpg

I brought out the battered airplane that neighbor Dawn picked out of the evergreen trees last week. It had been a favorite before the tree grabbed and hid it. David and Logan played with it for a while and then went back to the more intense ball kicking.

030517 D Logan fly old airplane.jpg

As most college students do, David brought dirty clothes to wash here. He was flapping about in the den, finding the corners of a fitted sheet to fold it. A still photo doesn’t do it justice, because as he moved, he looked like a flying angel.

030517 David folding a sheet.jpg

I was most impressed with that sheet when he finished. It was so perfectly flat that it looked like it had just been unwrapped from the store. I wouldn’t let my sheets see it, because they would have been jealous.

20 thoughts on “David on the Move

  1. Just as well you warned me Anne, I was able to shield my sheets. Looks like David is having a good time with you though his folk dancing leaves a bit to be desired.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. I wish you could have seen the fancy footwork David did while shooting Nerf guns with young neighbor Logan this afternoon. They were all over the house, hiding behind doors and furniture. We’ll be finding Nerf bullets for the next year. They had a wonderful time.

      xxx Loaded hugs xxx


    1. You were looking at the largest space near our house. We have less than an acre. It helps that on two sides are pastures belonging to two different farms. David is on break this week. He isn’t working, as he did during the long Christmas break, so we are enjoying having him with us 24/7 right now. The time is flying by.

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  2. Logan does look a bit like David when he was smaller. How lucky you all are to have all that space and fresh air to breathe and the children playing is like the cherry on the cake.
    Let them be children as long as they can- they deserve it.


    1. David was not quite as blond as Logan when he was little, but they are similar. It always surprises me that David has such a soft spot for children. Normally he doesn’t come in contact with them, but he’s always ready to play.

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  3. If he can master the fitted sheet this early in life, he will do well!!

    I think it is so special that he takes time out to play with little Logan! Not all young adults would find the time. I bet Logan feels super special!


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