When grandson David was 10 years old, he was already wearing braces on his teeth. He meticulously followed instructions, never chewing gum or eating hard candy. That year he was with us on our vacation as we visited our daughter Lise. We bought him a tiny wax bottle that had sweet liquid inside, never thinking it would harm him. In an instant, things were hanging loose and flapping about in his mouth. He was wearing a Herbst appliance that had rods connecting the upper and lower jaws. One of the rods had come undone, and it was most uncomfortable. We contacted his orthodontist in New York who referred him to a dentist in North Carolina. The appliance was repaired the next day. We were very proud of David for handling this crisis so well. Aunt Lise made an offer he couldn’t resist. She said as a reward she’d take him out to eat at the restaurant of his choice. She expected him to say McDonald’s or Burger King. What popped out of his mouth was, “Melting Pot! Can we go to the Melting Pot?”

There was a vast difference in price between fast food and a meal at the special fondue restaurant, but she stuck with her bargain. It has been part of our family lore ever since.

062305 D L fondue.JPG
David (10) and Lise at the Melting Pot in Charlotte  2005

Several weeks ago I was looking for something and opened a door in the old family secretary. There was our fondue pot! I thought it had been moved here and was very happy to find it before David’s visit. Does anyone remember when fondue was all the rage? It must have been in the late 60s or early 70s. We had not used that set since then. I looked on the internet for recipes and jotted down some ingredients from two of them. Meanwhile, David wanted to know what we were going to use the French bread for. I led him to the living room and opened the door with a flourish. His face lit up when he saw the pot and the long forks.

030717 D with fork poised for fondue.jpg
David ready to begin our fondue

We thought it tasted pretty good.  Special thanks to grandson Nathaniel and his dad for the kirsch I added to the cheese mixture. Nathaniel left the bottle here after using it in making the Black Forest Cake. Thanks to daughter Lise who rekindled our interest in fondue. We will do this again.

17 thoughts on “Fondue!

  1. what fun! I don’t think I ever did fondue. My kids were all born in the early 60s, I had four under the age of five, and a 9-year-old. sooo fondue sounds scary to me. 🙂 (almost as much so as the mention of glitter always makes my hair raise….

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    1. That many children would scare me to death. We managed to raise three. Grandchildren are much more fun. As to the fondue, I took a shortcut that is probably illegal. I did all the heating in the microwave and transferred the cheese goo to the fondue pot. Everyone was happy.

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  2. Never got into the fondue craze but it does look like a good time was had by all. Glad you enjoyed it, maybe I should try it sometime.


  3. Fondue is so much fun!! Back in my beloved Colorado we would go to a fondue place in Manitou Springs! It was a treat for sure! Thanks for bringing back good memories!


    1. I had a special relationship with the Melting Pot on Long Island. Their telephone number was one digit different from that of my office. I knew a client was not calling our accounting firm when they asked to make a reservation. Come to think of it, clients probably did have reservations about calling their accountants!


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