Nerf Warfare and Time with David

Neighbor Logan begged to play with David, telling his dad it was the last day our grandson would be here. As it turned out, it was the last chance Logan had to be with him, because we were out the next two afternoons. The house was totally quiet for a few moments, then there were shrieks and a barrage of gunfire. These two cycles were repeated endlessly. Logan helped pick up the bullets before he went home, yet we were still finding them in odd places for days. You’d think all that hubbub would disturb us old geezers, but we loved it.

030717 Nerf warfare Logan and David.jpg

We spent half a day at the Biltmore mansion, always a pleasurable outing for us. David sees more movies than we do, and he particularly enjoyed seeing the costumes on display. Books that the staff knew George Vanderbilt had read were on display, along with costumes from recent movies of those novels. We had one photograph of David taken near the entrance.

030817 D at Biltmore.jpg

Because we had trouble with the car at the last visit, David did not see the greenhouse and garden shop. He loved all the orchids and borrowed my camera to take a photo of the bluest one he could find. In the shop, I lingered beside each water fountain until the fellows pulled me away with the promise of lunch at the Moose Cafe.

030817 D photo in greenhouse.jpg

Another day I stepped outside to look at the daffodils and was surprised at how warm it was. While I talked to plants that were about to bloom, David began cleaning oak leaves out of the pool.

030917 D cleans pool.jpg

I was happy that both Nathaniel and David had one lunch on the porch. As I’m writing this, snow is falling outside my window as a teaser. It isn’t likely to stick until the middle of the night.

030917 D JC eating on porch.jpg

The day David was leaving, I asked him to pose for one closeup of his face. I needed one of each grandson to use as a desktop until they come back.

031017 David.jpg

33 thoughts on “Nerf Warfare and Time with David

    1. I think we lead more exciting lives now that we are retired. There is more scope for getting into trouble and/or keeping busy. The last time I looked, we aren’t due to have any guests for a month or so.

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    1. Thank you, we do enjoy our grandsons. The snow stopped for a few hours and should begin again. Do you enjoy snow? I was torn this time, because John is driving back from taking David to college. Normally I’d be rooting for a blizzard.

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    2. I grew up in west Tennessee, so I used to tell people I had a deprived childhood because of the lack of meaningful snow. You’ve got me beat. I love watching snow fall, too. Thank you for praying for John’s safe return.


    1. You are so right, Faye! They are tolerant. They could label me a stalker, couldn’t they? I hope I’m a bit sensitive to their needs, since I wore out a son with an overactive camera reflex. Whenever he sees my camera now, he melts into the background or makes a quick exit.

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      1. hahahaha. Love the diagnosis “overactive camera reflex.” I may have to use that when my kids see the camera. Mine have called me a stalker….I just cheerfully agree and it sucks the fun out of it lol.
        Keep taking the photos. I love them.

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  1. I am thinking of you scouting around like a detective getting photos of Logan and David, even better if they didn’t know you were around and then trying to look for the best ones to post and I am smiling. I think you are a detective, looking around for good moments to record. And we enjoy your records. I am glad Logan got some play time with David- I know he loves having time with David and Nathaniel. I wish he had siblings or playmates around for him to play when there is no David/Nathaniel during term time. Do children these days have no play time with children, after school these days or have our roads become too unsafe for them or have parents become too protective ?
    I am glad Logan is not spoiled and is lucky to be brought up in the fresh mountain air.


    1. I don’t know when Nerf guns came in. I’m sure my children didn’t have them. When we retired, we moved to a larger house and took our grandchildren’s toys with us. They didn’t have space to store them, and they weren’t ready to get rid of them. How handy they have been to amuse neighbor Logan!

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  2. What lovely pics, Anne! You definitely have a flair! I am so envious of your mild weather. Here we’re having a particularly frigid spell! No global warming here *this* week! lol


    1. Thank you, Ellie. I don’t know about flair, but keeping a camera in my pocket is a key component.

      We had snow last night, inches of it! That was totally surprising, since we usually get nothing that has been hyped for a week. John was driving down from New Jersey, arriving home between two bits of the storm. The snow is all gone now, except for north-facing slopes. Hope you warm up soon.


  3. I’m very glad to see Logan getting some practice with David. It’s going to be very useful to have such a well-prepared young neighbor should you ever have to face either a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion.

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    1. Both grandsons are as much of a joy to us as your granddaughters must be to y’all. David will be with us this summer, but we don’t know about Nathaniel yet. He might be able to get a much better job in NY than here.


  4. One Christmas we gave all six grandkids Marshmallow Shooters with a bag of Mini-Marshmallows. Craziness broke out along with peals of laughter. You could even blow marshmallows around a corner with them. We found ammo EVERYWHERE for two years after. It was so totally worth it… memories for a lifetime. Glad you have them too. 🙂

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