“I Lost Two Teeth!”

Don’t worry. The title quote is not mine. If I had lost two teeth, my bank account would be hurting more than my mouth.

We walk by sun time, not by the clock, trying to be out at dawn and home before the sun heats up. At this time of year, we often see neighbor Bob driving Logan (6) to the bus stop. We caught up to them as Bob parked at the stop sign. Logan was in the back of the car, and as Bob rolled the window down, the boy’s head went down with it. He was teasing by hiding from us. His great news overcame the teasing mode as he announced, “I lost two teeth!’

May I take a picture?” I asked.

No,” replied Logan gently as he ducked his head. His dad told him to pose for me, which he did graciously. With children you often have one shot, and that’s all you’re going to get. Bob and Logan passed on this one, so the photo moment was declared a success.

032417 Logan lost two teeth.JPG

23 thoughts on ““I Lost Two Teeth!”

    1. Logan came over the play this afternoon. John played softball with him, and we both went for a walk with him. He dribbled a basketball most of the mile walk!! Logan had seen fresh strawberries in our refrigerator and asked if he could have some for a snack. He wanted strawberries and cheddar cheese, which I gave him. That combo would not have been my choice, but he wolfed it down. I’m sure both little boy and old man will sleep well tonight because of all their exercise in the fresh air.

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  1. So cute. Do you remember the days when the tooth was dangling by a thread and your father said “let’s tie a string to it and the door”…, then slams it shut to complete the extraction? I hated it and would work those puppies out, so we wouldn’t have to resort to that. LOL
    Today, I’m nursing a toothache, so of course this caught my attention. The last time I was at the dentists, he mentioned I would need a new crown. He said this one had loosened enough to cause structural damage underneath. It didn’t hurt then and it is so dang expensive, even with insurance that I put it off. Now, I’m going to finally have to take a mortgage on the house to get the deed done. Damn! Fun.


    1. I’m sorry you have a toothache. It affects everything, doesn’t it? I told my dad ONCE that I had a loose tooth. He asked, “Which one is it?” I pointed, and he mashed it out. He was a dentist, and he knew what he was doing. I was a child, and I didn’t know what I was doing. From then on, I wiggled my loosening teeth to my heart’s content and told not a soul.

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  2. Dental insurance covers so little and cost so much. I’m glad you got a good picture of him. The candid shots are really the best in my opinion, and that one looks like an even balance of candid yet pausing for the shot.


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