Stink Bug

Something was crawling up my leg as I washed my hands in the bathroom. I expected to see an Asian lady beetle, but it was a stink bug. Now a stink bug in this house could also be known as a Lise-freaker. There was ONE in the house last Thanksgiving, and it found her. You can’t blame anyone who shrieks when confronted with a flying insect, but I’m used to scooping stink bugs into my hand and throwing them outside. This one was friskier than most. It crawled out of my loosely closed fist and flew away. Obviously, I didn’t want to clamp down on it and cause it to stink. We were hurrying to go to early service, so I told myself I’d find it later.

Later happened to be five minutes later IN THE SHOWER. It crawled on my foot. The choice was to deal with it quietly or leap through the curtain like an screech-amplified lawn sprinkler. I know which Lise would have chosen. I just danced around the subject and got the water to pin it to the drain. It’s the first time I’ve ever showered while keeping my eyes totally on my feet. The bug seemed to be drowned. I used a paper cup to pick it up, and it stuck to the inside of the cup. Little did I know, it was in suspended animation.

After church and lunch at Cheddar’s, I headed to the bathroom with the toy camera. 032617 Stink bugOne tap of the cup, and the bug landed upside down on the counter. To my shock, it moved its legs. I told it to pose and flipped it over, having nail clippers there for size comparison. The photo session wasn’t long, and soon the bug was tossed onto the deck where it blended in with hulls of sunflower seeds from the bird feeder.

The story is true, but do you really trust a person whose cockeyed glasses take a nap on the nightstand like this?

032617 Cockeyed glasses took a nap.jpg

34 thoughts on “Stink Bug

    1. I appreciate that. Would you mind throwing your hope against spiders instead? I can deal with Asian lady beetles and stink bugs, but if I had encountered a spider in the shower, I would still be running.

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    1. I had nothing to do with that silly pose of the glasses. Judging by the dumb phone in the photo, I feel sure the phone jumped on the glasses when I took a short Sunday nap. I had played a word game before slipping into slumber. I don’t remember a ruckus on the nightstand.

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    2. Maybe your deficiency is like mine — lack of sleep at night. I intend to go to bed, but then I find an excuse to read one more blog or write to a friend. After lunch, though, there is nothing more delicious than a nap. I suspect my nap face has a goofy smile on it. John can spot it easily.

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  1. Oh Anne! If that had been me, you’d have heard me screaming alllll the way down there from me here in Montreal! Eeeeeeeeeek!!! You are one strong lady, kudos to you! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Kathy,
    Loved your story and photo of the specs standing up anti gravity. I guess I must ask, how did you get them to do that ?
    As to bugs, we have all kinds here. Especially cockroaches now that the weather is getting warmer. They had suspended activities during the winter but now they are ever present. I used cockroach spray on them. Then we have lizards and other nameless insects- I ignore them and we live in harmony.

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    1. That is amazing that you live in harmony with bugs. I like the way our bugs harmonize in the summertime. Right now we have little frogs in the creek that sing at dawn and dusk. I guess it’s high-pitched croaking, but it is pleasant. As to the glasses, that’s the way I found them when I woke from a nap. I must have put the phone down on them, either that, or they were trying to dance.

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  3. Being able to crawl is one thing but a bug like that has wings? I don’t know where you live but I hope it is not any where near me. Ha Ha! I would have screamed so loud that all the neighbours would have known I had an intruder. I like the way you were so calm. Way to go!


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