Something hurt when I put my walking shoes on at 6:30 am. I’m a morning person, so the issue was not the time of day. I poked a finger between the sneaker and the area below the inner side of the ankle. Ouch! It felt bruised. Do you suppose I threatened to kick myself and actually did?

I walked one mile instead of the usual two, turning back because of the threat of rain. Six hours later it still had not sprinkled a drop. For exercise I attacked the wicked wisteria for the first time this season, pulling up shoots from the ground before they could imprison me in the house. Roots an inch thick snaked under the fence into the horse pasture. The owner has taken the horses away right now, making me wonder if the animals nibble the wisteria when they are here. If so, I owe them some apples for a reward. Before going in for breakfast, I swept the back porch to remove 1/16 of an inch of bright yellow pollen. The stuff gets gloppy when wet. I’m proud of myself for quitting before I got tottery.

23 thoughts on “Footsore

  1. Wow, how productive you’ve been today! I’m ashamed to say I spent most of the morning ensconced in my recliner, kitty Annie curled up on my lap, both of us dozing. When more awake I read & posted stuff on my various Internet apps on my phone. Ah, the life of a retiree! A very *lazy* retiree! 😀 But I’m going out soon for errands! Take it easy this afternoon, Anne. You’ve earned it! lol


    1. Reading and posting count as meaningful activities! I was planning to change the water in the birdbath on my deck. It has finally begun to rain. Maybe I’ll just sit and watch the drops hit the water.

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  2. We have cherry laurels right next to our screened porch. They are blooming. The pollen in the porch and tracked through the house has put a new yellow tone to everything. Fortunately neither of us are allergic but we can’t invited anyone who is for another week or two.


  3. I don my air mask and use the leaf blower to remove the pollen. I do try to stay upwind, pointing the leaf blower away from me. My tottery comes in the form of vertigo. It’s an inner ear thingy with me that I have a difficult time looking into. Walk softly Anne, and carry a big stick.

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    1. I think we may have a leaf blower, but I don’t know where it is. Must ask John. That’s too bad that you have vertigo. I had it once, and that was enough. A childhood friend is prone to having vertigo, and she carries a cane outside the house. I don’t think a cane would have helped me when the world was whirling. I wish I’d asked her more about it.


    1. I didn’t notice my foot again after touching it. I wish that meant I had a healing touch, but I suspect there was nothing much wrong with it to begin with. I call that rogue vine the Wicked Wisteria, shortened to WW. If it fights me this year, I might add III after its initials — WW III.

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    1. I discovered wisteria on my daily walk on Long Island. How pleased I was to find we had one at our new home! That was before I realized it was going to destroy us if I didn’t keep at it. Someone else was trimming those greedy vines in NY, and all I did was enjoy them. I am now older and wiser. Still, a few sessions in the spring and summer are all it takes to keep ours under control. I can live with that. I’ll still blow it out of all proportion when writing about it.

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  4. I’m sweeping pollen off the porch too, and when I forget for several days I will usually just remove everything and hose it down. My wisteria behaves, but oh my, the trumpet vines. I have two and shoots from them surface yards and yards and yards away from the original site. I hack them down, but they come back up in a few weeks. If only I could muster up the same determined perseverance as those vines.


    1. I started to say we’ve not had yellow pollen before, but that might not be true. We never had decks or porches for it to glop up. Thanks for mentioning the trumpet vines. I’ll know to stay away from them, for sure!

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